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Fitness Bursts and Day 51

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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Hi Everyone

I hope you are having a good weekend!

My highlight today was taking my dog Flash for a quick hike around the neighborhood. He was being a bit of a pain trying to sniff everything in sight, but such is life. Today is Day 51 of my new streak and everything is going great.

I want to tell a fun story: we recently had a high-level leader join our team. She asked me what I do for my personal fitness program. I told her how I base my fitness program on small amounts of fitness done throughout the day. For example, between meetings I might hop on the exercise bike for 5-10 minutes. If I'm feeling good, I might do this at high intensity.

She remarked that this is a mind-blowing concept for her because she has always thought of a fitness program in terms of setting aside 60-90 minutes for some type of workout.

I started thinking more about this and came up with a new name for this concept called "fitness bursts."

An important way to look at this is that fitness bursts help you stay so consistent that it's far more likely you will hit the fitness tipping point. This is when the rewards you get back from a fitness program exceed the effort you put into the program.

The ironic point about basing your fitness program on fitness bursts is that your improved fitness levels and love of fitness then makes it MORE likely you'll end up doing more longer workouts than people who just base their fitness program only on long workouts. This is because you'll actually like the workouts more and you'll be more consistent at your program.

I see this often myself. When I'm in great shape from the fitness bursts, I'm more likely to:
* Go on longer hikes with my dog (making him very happy)
* Play competitive tennis with my brother and others
* Play basketball and football with my son
* Do longer sessions on the exercise bike

The woman I mentioned above is now working to convert her program over to fitness bursts/10+fitness minutes :).

Another reason I like the term "fitness bursts" is because we call the "spark" part of our logo a "sparkburst."

What do you think about this concept?



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