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Be Strong Anyway/ The Effects of Childhood/ Emotional Eating

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Friday, January 10, 2020

Your strength is only offensive to insecure people.
Be strong anyway. ~Beth Donovan

People have a hard time when you start succeeding and they will try to tempt you. Can’t you just this time... You deserve... But I made it for you...

I just say “I don’t eat that anymore.” Saying “I’m on a diet” sounds like something you can get off of. It sounds like a punishment they want to save you from.

Lifestyles are very different from diets. Diets deprive. Diets are temporary. Diets leave holes because they are meant to leave things out.

Lifestyles add to your life because you BUILD a lifestyle. The very word build implies adding. Adding healthy food, adding movement, adding spirituality, adding mental focus...just adding life!

The big thing to know here is that the hole left from a diet- remember, you took away, will need to be filled. Eventually you’ll have to fill it. Most people go back to their old ways in desperation.

With a lifestyle, you have built so much, there is no hole! No desperation! You may occasionally have something that is off program, not what you usually eat, but you’re right back at it the next meal. Wow!

Letting insecure people try to derail you is easy to do. We have to rely on God sometimes to give us the strength to resist the temptations of food. (Don’t stop reading because you saw the word God. The science/psychology part is coming.) He is always there for us. Think about it...
The first temptation ever was Eve with an 🍎 apple- food
The first temptation of Jesus in the desert was food- bread
The Israelites grumbled about food- meat, in the desert
The Bible was full of stories of how food was alway on our minds.

ly speaking, it is our first comfort as a baby. We cry for it. It nurtured us for the first year of our lives for the most part. We needed it.

Later, as a child, if comfort and food was withdrawn, or there was trauma, food issues could become a big problem. THIS IS NOT OUR FAULT. This is simple psychology. So forgive yourself. Love that inner child back into being healthy.

I have to embrace my inner Beth from all the trauma of childhood diets/violence and domestic abuse... (that’s a whole other blog) and tell her that things are ok- pretty much several times a day and reassure her that I won’t starve her, I’ll give her good food, everything is safe and ok, and nobody will hurt her.

Embracing that inner hurt person really helps the emotional eating and gets you on track to a better and healthier lifestyle. Whatever the emotions are... wherever they stem from.

I know this was a long blog. Thanks for reading. I just had a ton to say this morning. I hope this touches someone, because I kinda poured my heart out. Love you all so much. That’s why I spend so much time writing to you. I truly care

Beth Donovan
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