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Thursday Jan 9th ... Responsibility for ourselves ..

Thursday, January 09, 2020

Good morning dear friends .. someone left the deepfreeze lid open .. yet I'm not real upset .. this is the only way to get rid of flu germs .. I think the biggest reason is the people that are already sick bloody well stay home ..

My husband seems to be on the mend .. not if you would ask him but from what I know to be true in regards to chest congestion it is finally breaking up .. and he is getting better.. as long as he stays put .. there's another issue ..

I slept very well .. as I read last night I boiled the tea kettle to get some added moisture in the house .. I'm not a fan of humidifiers on the furnace unless of course you are peppered to do the work to keep the unit clean and fresh on a weekly basis ..

there is something about the steam of a tea kettle on the stove that takes me back in time ..
to a time when the tea and coffee flowed .. the chairs at the kitchen table never got cold .. always someone popping in to say hello .. of course I'm thinking of my Gran's house .. always loved filled memories when I think of her ..

oh to have that kind of peace in todays world ..

that is my goal .

yet yesterday I forgot to keep my lid on .. when you don't have your lid on firmly .. someone else can come along and dump all their garbage on you ..

yep that's what happened ..

I was already tired ..
I remained calm ..until I got home even then I was very clear as to what I was thinking and feeling .. what would and would not put up with in the future

needless to say it was a very quiet night at my house ..

the garbage incident woke me up a couple of times .. until I made the decision I will not remain upset over someone else stupidity .. I will not ..
I fell back to sleep saying "The Lords Prayer"

true power lies when you totally surprise the fella that likes to stir the Sh$t pot .. by making him lick the spoon ..
I refuse to play such silly games .. yesterdays garbage has no place in my today ..

carry on folks ..
don't let the actions of others effect or infect your precious soul ..

because they can .. and they do .. they drive us to self medicate to try heal the wound ...

no need for me to fight any more battles .. God is my vindicator ..

Create the day you so deserve ... make it fun .. light and happy ..

huge hugs ..

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad hubby is feeling better. Hope your day goes well emoticon
    88 days ago

    I love your attitude, Donna, and I'm glad your husband is feeling better, whether he's willing to admit it or not, LOL!
    88 days ago
    So glad Mister is on the mend. You know my remedy for lung congestion.....First off, I boost my immune system by eating elderberry jelly or jam two or three times per week, and second, if I actually get a virus (haven't had so much as a sniffle since January 2017, knock wood!), I'd be making and using oregano suppositories. Isn't it funny how men simply will not do things that are good for them? And more often than not, the won't even entertain putting something up the old chocolate wizway, even if it means the best way to heal what ails them! emoticon
    88 days ago
  • SEAGLASS1215
    Glad to hear your husband is improving!

    I love this: "true power lies when you totally surprise the fella that likes to stir the Sh$t pot .. by making him lick the spoon"....not sure what happened to upset you but it sounds like you are doing a great job of not letting it affect you. Reciting the Lord's Prayer while falling asleep is a good way to calm your soul. I often fall asleep reciting Hail Mary's...I also seem to recite a lot of those when DH is driving...hmmm....
    90 days ago
  • BEDA65
    Since I am just getting to know you, I don't know your battles, yet I feel like I have a bit of understanding from your writing.
    I love the ""making him lick the spoon" reference, Had never heard that, but will definitely be steeling it and using it in the future.
    Also loved your memory of the tea kettle and 'Gran's house'. My Grama drank instant coffee as far back as I can remember and she would boil water in her tea kettle maybe up to 20 times a day. She liked her coffee boiling hot. We were just talking about this at Thanksgiving because my mom, myself and my sister all want anything we're drinking or eating that is meant to be hot, to be very hot, boiling almost, if cocoa or coffee. We were laughing about it because we decided we are a family of "sippers". Thanks for sparking my memories of Grama this morning.
    Prayers and positive energy for you my friend.
    If you ever want to vent...I think I'm a good "listener". emoticon
    91 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    91 days ago
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