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Imperfect Food

Sunday, January 05, 2020

Yesterday I suddenly started seeing Internet Ads for a company called "Imperfect Foods". Supposedly been around since 2015 and in 43 states so far. I'm guessing our area of Kansas just got online with them and thus the sudden internet advertising.

Imperfect Foods

They have quite an extensive FAQ to answer your questions and seems to be more focused on fruits and veggies, but I noticed in the sign up option, for the preliminary customization, they asked if you eat everything, if you eat low carb, if you eat vegetarian, or if you eat vegan.

I'm sure a lot of people here in SparkPeople ALREADY know about this company and/or have tried it out (I haven't yet, but am seriously thinking about it.).

Supposedly one can save some 30-40% of their grocery bill utilizing "ugly foods" (I'll let you wade through their website and video and FAQ etc to determine what all that can mean). Of course, some just have higher standards and want to pick out their own foods, and that's totally understandable (which is one of the reasons I haven't jumped on the bandwagon to have Walmart or Kroger Grocery deliver foods to my house...). I just thought I'd share this for the odd chance that some of you or other Sparkers might benefit (especially if you get unexpectedly injured or ill and not able to go shopping, or are already suffering chronic conditions making it hard to get around, or don't have a car etc. Life happens, ya know???).

My main concern was more to do with being stuck with certain meat choices but evidently each week (or monthly, depending on how one customizes it), the "customization window" brings up whatever choices will be available that week - I guess it varies depending on what produce is fresh that week? Also apparently there's no penalty for skipping a week or however long, like vacation. Just have to pay attention to email and stop the shipment during the "customization window" before they actually go ahead and deliver it.

There's a place to plug in your zip code to see if it is available to you. The map, as I remember it, is mostly east coasts, the mid-west (looks like Texas Ok KS NE IO on up north, and then the bigger cities on the west coast.

Anyway, if you're into avoiding food waste and reducing your carbon footprint and all of that, this might be an interesting company. I remember participating in various Food Co-ops along the same line - Prairie Foods and Harvest Angels or some such, I can't even remember the names (some are still around but did not meet our family's needs, such as pre-paying for a set box whether or not you wanted or could eat the meat that was being included that month.).

So my husband is waiting patiently to take me to the store... but I was curious if anyone had actually heard of this service and/or tried it out??

Oh and this website has a lot of yummy looking recipes to use with the produce that you might get!!

Okay gotta scamper! If I think of something else, I'll edit it in later.

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