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I got my car 15 years ago today

Saturday, January 04, 2020

It was an exciting day! I got rid of an early Subaru Outback, and got an Outback with a turbo, the XT model. I love that car! I got my motorcycle the month before, and just sold that last summer. If I can't ride anymore, I want to enjoy driving.

I try to think about what car I'd get if this one were wrecked (horrors!), but this market niche is fading away. Subaru doesn't have a turbo in a liftback car anymore. Most people are buying SUVs now, but those are too big for my taste. I insist on stick shift and a manual handbrake so I can engage on a hill the way I always have. I'm told that's a European preference (try to find an automatic rental car in Europe!), but it's also a throwback to my youth, when the family could afford only one car and it had to do everything: haul kids and groceries, and go to the movies. Most cars then had a stick, but it was a three on the tree.

My car only has 125,000 miles on it, it won't last another 15 years, but I hope someone introduces a smaller liftback for those of us who love to drive.

15 years! Who ever would have thought I'd love a car enough to keep it for 15 years?

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  • JIBBIE49
    106 days ago
    My car dates back to ‘02. It was not my choice but I got used to it. Very low mileage since we travel 5 months of the year, but I simply can’t see anything on the market for me.
    113 days ago
    We always had stick shift till they began to disappear - but the last time we bought a car the option for manual transmission was there if we wanted to pay for it.

    We have a Toyota RAV4 and it's not too big - but I always wanted one of those Outbacks. By the time DH agreed to get one they had stopped making them high enough to go over our half mile dirt road. They're strictly city cars. That's why we bought the RAV
    206 days ago
    I hate car shopping. When I purchase a car I keep it a minimum of 10 years, longer if I love it. I have a 2007 Jeep Cherokee that feels like a friend. Love that vehicle. I looked at Outbacks back then but was not impressed with the dealership. I did enjoy driving the Outback though and gave it a lot of thought about whether I could work with the people selling it for maintenance. My choice did turn out to be a good one though.
    208 days ago
    As long as it runs the car is good!
    215 days ago
    We try to buy cars we like and keep them for a very long time. Something nice and comfortable about your car.
    215 days ago
  • FT4EVR
    Sounds like a great vehicle! Hopefully you will get many, many more miles in it. emoticon
    215 days ago
  • GABY1948
    We are like you we don't have to have a new one asap. I thought it was just us but it seems from the other answers that we are not alone!

    215 days ago
    That's great!! The very best kind of frugal!!

    I am driving a Volvo station wagon that's 11+ years old . . . and still going strong!!
    216 days ago
    Interesting story. Do not drive & can only go out if someone takes me.
    216 days ago
    Mine is over 11 years old and I still love it! It's a Toyota Prius hybrid. Every year I keep saying that once it starts playing up, or getting really expensive to service, then I'll think about getting rid of it. But here we are all these years later and that hasn't happened yet so it's still going strong!

    I've been thinking about an electric car next time. There's a big push on those here (UK) with free charging stations at supermarkets and in high streets. I need to do more research and I'm in no hurry!
    216 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    Great Share "Nell" !
    216 days ago
    It is great that you love your car, Nell! And that it has lasted 15 years. I hope that my Subaru does as well. Mine is a Forrester, it is an all wheel drive which is necessary in our snowy climate. And it is the first automatic shift that I have ever purchased. I knew I was having foot surgery before purchasing the car, and that a couple of knee replacements are in my future. So I gave up the manual shift ....
    216 days ago
    216 days ago
    216 days ago
    Mine is driven by a little (older) lady who only drives it to Church, hair dressers and bank ! ( LOL !
    Hubby 's car for everything else.
    216 days ago
    Nell I still have Ashley’s Ram truck and it is a 2001. He used to say when we get rid of a vehicle, it’s wore out.
    216 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    Nell my car is a 2000 Toyota Camray XLE. It still runs like a new car and has 147,000 km. It’s almost like a new car. It has only been driven by a little old lady. Haha
    I think my next car will be a smaller SUV but I am not looking just yet.
    216 days ago
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