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Happy 2020!

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Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Hi Everyone

I'm back after a long layoff from writing.

I keep learning my doctors were right about this surgery taking a long time for full recovery. I was excited when I hit the 1 year mark since the surgery on October 4, 2019. But, then I realized that even though I may have recovered at that point, and I had done a fair amount of fitness along the way, I was still somewhat starting over with my fitness and body strength levels. For example, prior to my surgery, my base level for my exercise bike was Level 11 out of 16. But after the surgery, my base level was Level 9 out of 16. I started playing tennis with my brother, but had to stop because I'm too competitive with tennis and found it was too easy to push physically beyond where I should go -- haha :).

Another thing I noticed is that my immune system was still lower than normal, so I caught what the kids brought home much easier.

So, I realized I'd need to somewhat start from scratch again even though I had already put in a lot of work. Which was fine because I know what to do :).

On November 22, I started a new streak of days I do at least 10 minutes of fitness. So far, this one is holding very strong and today is Day 41 of this new streak. It was fun to hit the 10 minutes on the first day of this year with a short morning hike at 7:30am as the sun started to rise.

I have been slowly increasing effort levels and everything is going according to plan so far. The neat thing is I can tell my brain is working really well (my team may be getting tired of all the ideas that are popping up in my head). Since I had that brain tumor agitating my brain for most likely 10-15 years according to the doctor, I'm super-excited that this may be the first time in the past 10-15 years that I fully get my body and brain aligned on moving forward.

Now that I have hit Day 41, I'm really shooting for Day 100 of this new program. I know from past experience that this is when many of the positive effects really start to kick in.

Another update is that we finally moved back into our house that was being remodeled over the past year. I got a ton of fitness minutes moving boxes and organizing the new house.

I'm writing to you from my new office. We added on a small room to be the office with this remodel. I joked to my team that now they won't see a bed in the background when we do video calls :).

I hope all is going well with you and you are ready for an amazing year in 2020!

OH -- here is a bonus if you want motivation for staying consistent with small goals like your food or fitness. This article on Quora talks about how Jerry Seinfeld used a similar method to help him become mega-successful. Consistency is the key!


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