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Finding a New Normal

Monday, December 30, 2019

Never go against the grain.

I LOVE cereal, but I had to unfriend it. Sigh.

Thanks to Sparkfriends, I'm finding some low carb recipes and suggestions I think I can handle. I had initially thought all veggies would be free. I'm quickly learning otherwise. I'm amazed how many carbs some veggies have, like carrots. I had bacon and eggs for breakfast. I didn't enjoy it nearly as much without the wheat toast and grape jelly to drowned out the taste of the eggs, but at least it filled me up. Tonight will be the challenge of tacos without shells or the fried corn I usually serve with them. I have been managing to stay within my range, but I don't enjoy my meals as much, and my sodium count is way off the charts.

Due to this change in my diet, I have returned to my spark addiction, but it is much more controlled. I used to be horrible about sparking for points, and doing every possible thing to earn one more point for the day. I'm not doing that anymore. I'm limiting myself to research and some socializing because I want the support.

I'm home alone today, with hubby at work, and our son giving some much needed one-on-one time to his grandmother. He's taking her out for lunch, then they will spend the afternoon playing board games like they did when he was little. Its good for both of them. I plan to get off my duff and get some much needed cleaning/decluttering done. I move a lot slower with these hernias (I have 2), but, if it is to be, it is up to me. Hubby would help if I let him, but I need to downsize some things, and his preference is to just throw/give it all away. I'm more emotionally attached to some of my 'stuff'. Today's goal is to sort through the Christmas decor, only store what I still love, and pack the rest to give away. That means I will be keeping all the ugly homemade ornaments, some from my son, and some from my mom. Hubs and son would pitch them all. Sigh. I'm determined to have a productive day, pain be darned.
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