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10 Success Tips From Sir Richard Branson

Friday, December 27, 2019

Complied from an interview with Gail Lynne Goodwin at Richard’s home on Necker Island.
(Being shared with you today in honor of Richard’s 65th birthday. Happy Birthday Richard!)

I liked the 10 steps and copied some of the text that went with them. Hope you enjoy and it is helpful to you.

1) The Most Important Thing in Life is Family
Our relationship with our family is the most important thing in life.

2) Live Life As An Adventure and Have FUN!
Life is meant to be lived as an adventure and, equally as important, we’re meant to have FUN!

3) Always Look For the Best in People
“If I ever said a negative word about anybody I was sent to look in the mirror for 10 minutes. That soon stopped me from saying negative things about people.

4) Follow Your Heart

5) Don’t Forget the Humor
Humor is an important part of success and makes life much more enjoyable.

6) Saying “YES” is a Lot More Fun Than Saying “NO”
Richard Branson remains a corporate iconoclast, yet he continues to defy conventional wisdom, pushing the envelope, thinking outside the box, saying exactly what he thinks and doing exactly what he wants to do. He’ll say “Yes” to almost anything, once. He lives by his “Screw it, let’s do it!” attitude every day.
As Richard says, “Saying ‘YES’ in life is a lot more fun than saying no. Just say “Yes” and then be the best at what you do.

7) Failure is Nothing More Than Another Way to Learn
“There’s no way that you can create a lot of successful businesses and not have failures on the way. If you’re afraid of failure, you’re not going to create anything.”

8) Go Make a Difference in the World
Whether in business, personal or philanthropic challenges, Richard has a way of looking at a particular situation and seeing how it can be done differently.

9) Dream Big!
“A critical thing is not to waste a minute of life. Throw yourself whole-heartedly into it.

10) Be Humble and Stay Grounded
“In the end of the day if anyone gets too big for their shoes I think it’s good to just picture them sitting on the loo and you realize they’re just the same as all of us. That can bring people down to earth with a bump.”
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