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Tummy issues from supplements

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Do you use supplements or medications that have “Veggie capsules” or hypromellose?

Veggie capsules - for those of us who don’t do well with gelatin capsules made fromshellfish or pork (porcine)

I was noticing more and more of a tummy ache with each new supplements or medications I get.


“The fact that hypromellose is a semi-synthetic does not make it "only half as dangerous" when compared to any full synthetics. It still is a polymer, a broad class of compounds that includes everything from synthetics plastics (Bakelite, neoprene, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, synthetic rubber, silicon) to the natural polymers such as amber, cellulose (wood, paper), natural rubber, shellac, silk, wool.”

(There is an not Email I received which first tipped me off to the problems. Last night I didn’t take any of my supplements and slept fairly well. This is gonna be one of those blogs where I will be updating and editing.

Hopefully everyone has a peaceful calm no-stress visit with family and friends during this week of various holiday observances - no stress eating, stay active, get some sunlight. Summer is coming (in Northern Hemisphere. And pray for those in Australia still dealing with horrible wildfires now - they surely need just enough rain here and cooler weather to break that cycle of fire!
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