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Off Track! No! Completely Derailed!!!

Monday, December 23, 2019

MAMADEE's Blog: SP ~ Day 4995

I've been off track with SP the last week!
Not just a little, but, COMPLETELY DERAILED!!! emoticon
NO Tracking!
NO T-Tapping!
NO Challenges done on time! Guess that means I didn't really finish them right. emoticon

I'm out of my element! Using a totally different computer - a chromebook (it travels so much better than my much larger & heavier laptop) - so very little is where I'm used to finding it - more features I don't know how to utilize - and worst of all, I can't figure out any way to access all my pics!!! A lot were on my laptop, but some are on my verizon cloud or google cloud but the ones I think I'm getting to are only showing up as file names so it makes it really hard to SEE what they look like. Seeing them is half the reason I choose what I post!

But the REAL ISSUE behind all this is that I'm not home!
I'm 1300 miles away in Houston, TX because (as mentioned in my last blog before this one) Mom went into ICU on Friday, Dec. 13, 2019 following hip replacement surgery on the 11th. During the weekend (14th & 15th) I was called by 2 siblings essentially saying things weren't looking too good for Mom.

The following could be TRIGGERING for those who've had a loved one in ICU or Hospice!
Please stop reading now if this is you... I promise my next blog won't be anything like this one!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

My grown kids pulled together and got me on a one-way ticket to Houston for Tuesday afternoon (the 17th). That was the earliest to get everything in place.
I went to see Mom Wednesday (18th) morning. She was weak but in good spirits. Discussions during that day seemed to lean toward her not surviving; doctors expected her to have a massive heart attack any moment. Mom was very clear that if her heart stopped, that was it, she wanted nothing done to restart it. She is 84 years old & health has declined a lot in recent years. BUT as long as her heart was good she wanted everything possible done to survive whatever was going on! She signed a DNR, relevant to heart activity only.
Thursday she spent much of her time awake saying goodbyes on the phone & in person to those who could come.
Friday - the 20th - the plan was to bring her home to hospice care.
Before that could happen she had "some type of heart event" but it wasn't massive, severe, or enough to stop her heart. Pain meds were increasing with every dosing & still not giving her relief. We ended up having her taken to the hospice crisis center instead of home.
Saturday, 21st, the hospice doctor said she had just a short time, minutes maybe. Pain was poorly managed, breathing was more labored, and it took and hour or two to get any changes to her plan.
A doctor/friend comes by to visit Mom, bringing her cardiologist husband with her!
HE IS CERTAIN THIS IS NOT A HEART PROBLEM and suspicious that the multiple pain events (the previous hospital identified as mild heart attacks) were nothing related to the heart! With family permission he calls 911 and gets Mom transported to the ER of a different hospital!

The friend doctors speak with the ER doctors and after working on Mom they all agree - HER HEART IS NOT THE PROBLEM!!!
They remove fluids from her lungs and with her now awake, breathing better, and able to talk; they get her permission to intubate her and put her on a ventilator to allow her lungs to heal.
So now she's in a different ICU, being treated for severe pneumonia with a bunch of really strong antibiotics, plus steady pain meds & mild sedation. The team working on her, with her, for her, are all very optimistic about her surviving and recovering well from all this!
She's not out of the woods yet - but there is a bit of clearing in the forest now. emoticon

I spoke to her nurse this morning & very pleased with the level of care she's getting now. Monday they plan to begin weaning her out of sedation. I plan to get down there to see her, hoping she'll be awake enough to know I'm there, at the very least. Guess that's actually today - I should get to sleep soon! emoticon

As for SP - I know these are rather exceptional circumstances & many people would get off track with tracking food & exercise, etc, plus keeping up with all the fun stuff here too. I'm not really upset with myself - BUT I MISS SPARKING!!!

You know what I mean?

Yes, I have a lot on my plate (this blog only taps the surface!!! - truly!!!) but I am paying attention to 'self-care' - doing things to be good to me. I'm not always preventing my stress, but I am taking supportive & preventive actions to minimize it as much as possible under these circumstances.

I just really, really, really, miss getting on SP every day, keeping tabs on my eating & reminding me to make time for my exercise/activities that help me stay more mobile. Sitting around in a hospital room for hours is really challenging my mobility. I miss my teams and the interactions with all my friends here. I miss seeing the points grow as I check off more items throughout the day & into the night. It's fun getting the bonus points - especially the 50 pointers! LOL

I'm sure this blog is longer than most - so thank you - thank you to all who've read this far! I'm sorry for the lack of pictures and/or memes. Pics may have to wait til I get back home, whenever that is.


Til next time,
MamaDee016, aka, Andee, from WI but now in TX, signing off for now.......... emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your mom is only like 5 years older than my mom. My brother lives in Houston, well out west in Katy. And I have cousins in the area. Lots of good hospitals, and thankful your friend and her were able to determine a better treatment path for your mom!
    226 days ago
    What a blessing that cardiologist was there and could intervene to get the right treatment started. Hope she continues to improve with good care.

    Hospitals are high stress environments and anyone would be susceptible to go off track. Put yesterday behind you and try for a better tomorrow.
    235 days ago
    Today is a warmer day here in Houston so hope you can enjoy it some. So glad things turned around for your mom. Getting the right care isn't always easy.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    235 days ago
    So glad the cardiologist husband was able to see exactly what was happening and get the right treatment started. Wow! Hope she continues to improve.
    It's hard to take care of yourself when you are staying at the hospital. Living off the vending machines is not always a healthy option. I gained a lot of weight doing that for three months!
    235 days ago
    OH my. I a so glad that your friend's cardiologist husband intervened. Good heavens! Pneumonia is certain far different than a heart problem. But I digress. I am glad she is being treated appropriately now and is improving. My prayers for you, your family and the health care professionals taking care of your Mom.

    HUGS my dear. Take care.
    235 days ago
    Wow, so glad that cardiologist was there! Similar thing happened to my mom, she was home and got really sick, they wanted to put her in hospice and make her comfortable. I told them no and had the ambulance bring her to the hospital. She had a urinary track infection, they treated her with antibiotics and sent her home. The next day she was perked right up and going to be fine!

    I hope your mom makes a full recovery!


    235 days ago
    God bless you πŸ™. Don't let stress be your downfall. Have faith in yourself πŸ™. Blessings to you and your family πŸ™
    235 days ago
    What an incredible blog!!! I will be praying for your mom and you all! I k ow she’s not out of the woods however PRAISE THE GOOD LORD for intervening.
    235 days ago
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