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Christmas Sweets

Thursday, December 19, 2019

When we reach a certain age, there are not a lot of things we need. We are trying to rid out, not collect.

I usually receive chocolates. I like a chocolate occasionally. Just having them in the house is enough. I don't over indulge. I still have two unopened boxes (gifts) that need a new home.

Because of an elevated level on one of my medical tests in October, the doctor sent me for more testing. That was enough to make me decide to eliminate sugar from my diet, even in moderation.

Now it's Christmas season. Those tempting commercials on television are stirring up so many memories. I love to try new recipes. I love to make treats to give neighbors and friends.

I like homemade cookies when they are freshly made, especially chewy or soft ones. We only have frosted sugar cookies once a year. Sister makes dozens of painted sugar cookies every Christmas that she gives away or supplies for special events. We haven't made a single cookie this holiday. Yes, I miss it. I miss the idea of having baked goods around more than actually eating them. It's sentimental. It's family and friends. It's part of what makes Christmas so special.

We skipped the cookie reception last night following the little ones Christmas program. What! All those lovely homemade cookies. My brain whispers that one won't hurt. Just one? I know I can do moderation. I don't go crazy with treats because another part of my brain knows the fun is in the anticipation.

So why am I doing this? For my health. I have several conditions that are all negatively affected by sugar. Doesn't it just make sense to cut back on sugar?

* * * * *

Sister was perplexed about what to get me for Christmas this year. I've made suggestions but none appealed to her. Finally today I suggested why not treat us (including her daughter) to a lovely meal at our favorite restaurant. She thought it was a great idea, so that is planned for Saturday.
I am looking forward to one of their hearty whole-meal salads...though I have been known to change my mind right up to the time we are sitting at the table looking at the menu. I am aware of the nutrition info for many of their offerings because we've eaten there for years. It was my Dad's favorite restaurant. We've had a lot of family gatherings there.

Grilled chicken, not breaded. No rolls.

Or maybe fish...


Don't they look better than boxes of chocolates?
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