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Finally Friday ~ Stress ~ Remember!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

MAMADEE's Blog: SP ~ Day 4985

We don't really care that it's
Friday the 13th...
We're just glad it's


Sometimes you need to step outside.
Get some air.
And remind yourself of who you are
And who you want to be.

This is SO TRUE for me today!
It's been a challenging week - having to be up, dressed & ready to drive in awful winter road conditions by 4:30 A.M. the last 4 mornings! I was really feeling it this morning! So I went back to bed at 5:30 as my body was screaming for more rest! 8:00 I'm off again to drive another daughter to her job. 11:00 was time to pick up first daughter. Roads weren't bad then! But agenda was FULL... Friday, Payday, Errand Day (& I slacked off on the morning errands). Pick her up, grab lunch, and realize her work injury yesterday really needs some professional evaluation - so off to the urgent care clinic - an hour there to just confirm what this mom thought from the beginning... but it comes with "professional" advice giving restrictions for employer to follow (why don't they like listening to moms?)! Proceed with errands. Opt for Papa Murphy's Pizza for dinner (added my own fruits & veggies at home to balance the meal). Get 1st & 2nd daughter's settled at their place. Snow is due to start within the hour. 3rd daughter comes home, briefly, must do an errand she insists - so off she goes. An hour later she calls me...
even her voice mail message says 'you know you can reach me faster by texting' - LOL
SHE RAN INTO/ONTO BLACK ICE and is now stuck in a ditch on the side of the interstate!!!
She's fine! Car's fine, just stuck in the snowbank! She needs help!
I remind her to use the Allstate app on her phone - they will handle everything!
Before she finishes that process - not long - just a few questions to answer and hit send - a cop is at her door... state trooper probably, but could be local police too - she never said. Cop assesses things, calls for tow truck. Minutes later tow truck pulls her out & the 3 of them drive to the next exit and pull into a gas station to more thoroughly assess things - make sure car is safe to drive home - fill out paperwork for everyone - etc.
All said - an hour after calling me, she's home - all is well.
Except for our stress levels...
And our pain levels...
Interesting thing about connective tissues... they are very reactive... and stress causes some "interesting" reactions!
I'm taking Rescue Remedy and drinking a calming Tea.
She's burning calming candles, diffusing calming oils, and preparing for a prolonged bath.

Today I refuse to stress myself out about things I cannot control or change!

Tomorrow is another day!

Remember that the sky is blue above the clouds.
Remember that the seeds you sew in the fall will break through the frosty ground in the spring.
Remember that everything you seek is already within you.
You are love,
you are light,
you are peace,
you are joy.
You're more than a single interaction or decision.
You are a fully-realized person.
You are bigger than your body,
bigger than your thoughts,
your past,
and your future.

Til next time,

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