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Thursday, and always my worst day, sure was right.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Grocery shopping this morning as was getting low on mild, and hubby was out of ice cream, so of course he didn't mind at all taking me. They had naval oranges on sale, so of course I had to get a few, and am enjoying it as I write this. But why do they have to be so pithy, I really don't like that stuff, but I do so like them.

Got taxes done yesterday, and I was not happy at all, but hubby said he though it would probably be a lot worse, but I was think it was going to about half of what he said it was going to be. Guess, Hubby better round up something else to sell, and that will mean just more taxes next year. It like for the farmer if you make a dollar the taxes want two back. Really took the joy out of that new furniture that is on order. Should have just not said that I really wanted a new recliner. That is why I usually don't say anything about wanting something as Larry will get it for me, now we spent all that money on new furniture when we will have this huge tax bill to pay in months. Oh well, we will do it.

And then this morning I called our Drs. nurse, and told her that I needed a prescription for those inhalers that the Dr. gave me this summer, as they were helping my breathing and found out that our insurance won't pay for them. The inhalers I was using were going to cost me $395. a month, so I quite them and the Dr. gave me this to try, and now I can't even get these. Guess, a life doesn't mean much anymore, these pharmaceutical companies are all about money now, Just look what they did with the Epy pens. So the nurse called me back to let me know what is going on, and she is calling Medicare to see what they will cover and what the out of pocket charge will be. So I am thinking I will be back to no inhalers and just get by doing what I can.

Would love to start this week all over again, that's for sure. But we must carry on. Asked hubby what he wanted for supper, something with hamburger, and of course he said Meat Loaf, he could eat Meat Loaf, Taverns (Sloppy Joes), and Casey;s pizza every meal, along with his Frosted Flakes, everyday and he would be one happy camper, but for me, no taverns, no pizza, and so so on the meat loaf. But guess I will take the Meat Loaf.

I did have to laugh this morning, as we drove by a neighbors place, I told Larry to turn around as there was a whole bunch of packages on her front steps, and we could have a early Christmas. Just kidding, I really don't know how people can actually follow the UPS trucks and just grab and run with someone else packages. And we just kept driving, that is one advantage of living where we do, as I haven;t heard of anything like that around here, and not about to do it myself. Larry of course, didn't think I was very funny, not much fun. lol

Well, you all take care and have a GET day. Linda
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    My day on Friday was as exasperating as your Thursday!!
    75 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I, too cannot afford the $600 for one of my medical inhalers. It is not even a rescue inhaler, That one costs the same price.. about $200 each. I try to go without for now and just not do anything more than walk, as any exertion triggers an ambulance ride. Medicare would rather pay for a $1,500 ambulance ride plus an E.R. visit and possible inpatient stay with tests,etc, than just give us the meds we need to live.. ironically, the meds are covered by Medicare IF we become an inpatient!
    76 days ago
    Darn it, now I lost my comment just as I was about to post. In a nutshell, complaints about big pharma and awful prices for everything, and wondering if your kittens are leaving the poinsettia alone; mine wouldn't.
    76 days ago
    Have you tried car acara oranges? They are a navel orange, too, but less pithy.

    Have you talked to the pharmacist about price help for the inhalers? A few of the pharmaceutical companies do have plans that can reduce the price. And I agree . . . pharmacy corporations are out for the $$$$$. Always.

    People around us have this system called RING where you are given notice when someone is @ your door. We don’t have it, but now there are those who have found ways to hack into that. **SIGH**

    76 days ago
    Gah - taxes - you had to remind me. Guess I'd better go pick up a copy of the software so I can start mine and not be shell-shocked in February when the last of the forms gets here.
    76 days ago
    I am not looking forward to this years taxes. Selling the house in one state and living in another .
    Sounds like more red tape and $$$
    76 days ago
    Hope your day got better!
    77 days ago
    77 days ago
    It's so hard to get this Canadian head around the exorbitant cost of prescriptions and hospital care that you have. I guess being at war for almost 30 yrs is costly. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    77 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Hope there is something that your doctor can do for you regarding the inhalers. I have the same problem, but I get samples from my doc. I don't take my asthma medicine all that much because when I went to see him back in October, he put me on steroids for a week. That cleared it up, and the weather turned cold and stayed cold since then. So my allergies aren't really bothering me. We have had some weather changes all that up and down stuff, so I've had to use my inhaler a few times. I truly understand your plight with this as my sister in law has COPD and she just lives on her inhalers. They cost her an arm and a leg to the point where she sends away to other countries for them. My brother in law had to go back to work just so that they could afford medicine for her.

    Life is never easy is it? I sure hope the government would do something drastic to control the costs of these medicines. My question is why we can't be like Canada and control these costs. The drug companies still sells medicines to them and they still make a profit, but Canada controls the price. We seriously need to look at their drug program and implement it here in the good ole US of A.
    77 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/12/2019 3:15:08 PM
    I'm just grateful to live out in the country - usually I'm home when packages are delivered so I don't have to worry about them sitting out in the open. Sorry about the extra expenses for you.
    77 days ago
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