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Thursday, December 12, 2019

I really enjoyed the responses to yesterday's three questions: what job, what charity, what activity ignites your passion?

And what I concluded was -- so many Sparkies are less concerned about getting what they want than wanting what they've got!! Yeah, there IS a song about that . . . and it also seems to be a pretty universal upbeat attitude, particularly around that cohort of Sparkie friends who've managed to retire and so are already in a situation in which they're not primarily focused on working "for money" but rather working at what they would do if money were no object. Because Sparkies do keep right on working and contributing to their communities -- realizing that social engagement is integral to health and well being.

Today I heard about Sugru for the first time -- sugru.com/about

It's apparently a kind of mouldable glue that hardens into a rubbery plastic . . . and can be used to repair all kinds of things including rusty dishwasher racks or frayed cables or broken plastic toys. Or to create things such as useful hooks or craft projects too.

It's UK based -- and comes in various colours. And I'm just wondering whether anybody here has used it or recommends it: and if anyone has ordered it from the UK and has a sense of delivery times?

Such an intriguing product that could reduce a whole lotta waste/throwing out and just really appeals to thrifty me IF it performs as advertised!! There are lots of video clips on the website. One downside appears to be that once an individual packet is opened, it's gotta be used up within 24 hours or so . . . so apparently best to line up a whole bunch of little repair jobs and use up that whole packet at once!! Although there's some suggestion that shelf life can be extended by storing in the freezer???

So: any experience with Sugru?

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