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I Am Now Wearing A Heart Monitor

Thursday, December 12, 2019

In August, during preparation for an EGD procedure (a tube placed in my esophagus) the nurse called attention to the monitor and she and the doctor said that I was in A-Fib. The procedure was still done, but afterward, instead of going home, I was taken to the Cardio Unit and stayed overnight so that I could be monitored. I was put on two medications: Eliquis to thin my blood and Metoprolol to control my heartbeat. I was also told that I would have A-Fib for the rest of my life. I talked to my Dr. and she agreed with this treatment. Since August, I have followed this treatment. Then I heard the term Situational A-Fib. I have had 3 spinal surgeries in 2 years and before each surgery my heart was checked for any abnormalities. None were found. Before the above EGD procedure I was told to NOT have anything to eat or drink after 10 PM. I didn't. I was also told to take my BP med before coming to the hospital with just a sip of water. I did. My BP medication is Hydrochlorothiazide which causes you to urinate OFTEN. I would say that I averaged urinating about every 20 to 30 minutes. I arrived at the hospital at 7 AM. The procedure began at 11:30 AM. For 4-1/2 hours I was losing fluid at least 9 times which also led to a loss of magnesium. After talking to my doctor about this a week ago, she decided that to rule out Situational A-Fib, I should wear a heart monitor for up to 30 days (depending on what happens during this reading) and stop taking the Metoprolol (which regulates the heart beat). Readings from the monitor are being sent to a location which evaluates what is happening. If it is anything serious, my Dr. will be contacted immediately and she will call me to tell me what to do. If I don't have any events, the study will be shortened and she says that I will not have A-Fib. The girl who hooked me up to the monitor today stated that once you have been diagnosed with A-Fib, there is no question and you will always have it.

My question for you is...……….Have you ever heard of Situational A-Fib and do think there could be a false diagnosis or do you feel that once diagnosed, it is with you forever with no question of how it came on so suddenly when all of your other heart tests were good?

We have, as a group, experienced so many health issues. Has anyone out there ever experienced this? HELP...…………

I thank you ahead of time for any way you can help with this.

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    37 days ago
    Sorry Patty, I am not familiar with situational a-fib. I am glad you are getting further evaluation. I think wearing the heart monitor is a good plan. I have a friend who is a cardiology nurse, I will ask him when he returns from his travels.
    37 days ago
    I’ve never heard of situational A-fib, but we used to have a patient (with a very furry chest), that would come to the ER because has was in rapid A-fib. We were at a teaching hospital, so our residents rotated thru the ER. The dude would get really frustrated, because they always wanted to convert him with electricity- put those big pads on his chest & back - he would beg for the IV meds, but the baby dogs just wanted the experience. They always got him back to a sinus rhythm, but then he had to have the front pad ripped off. Ouchies
    37 days ago
    Hope your monitor results show good news....
    38 days ago
    I am not really sure what a fib is. I am glad they are doing tests to get to the bottom of it. Good luck.
    38 days ago
    38 days ago
    have this fib also and a hole in my heart valve
    38 days ago
    My hubby and I do not know about A-Fib, situational or not. Metoprolol is the med that stops my hubby's heart. He also had two back surgeries, three cancer removal surgeries, which requires 3 stress tests and there is no problems with his heart. However when he took Metoprolol, his heart beat became irregular, erratic and then actually stopped. Even though he quit taking this medication before the Bladder Removal surgery, they found his heart now has a regular irregular heart beat.

    I am on the same BP medication, Hydrochlorothiazide and it does make me urinate so often.

    I am of the opinion that you do not have to worry and I am sure things will be alright. Lord is always with you, Patti! emoticon

    emoticon emoticon

    38 days ago
    Keep to your normal routines and try not to worry as that will make your pressure go up.
    Stay as relaxed as possible.
    I am happy they are doing this test, could be nothing at all so then you know. Hugs.
    38 days ago
    My Mom took those same medications for A-Fib. I've not heard of situational A-Fib, but I have heard of something similar called the white coat syndrome. It makes people's heart rate act up during certain medical situations.
    38 days ago
    38 days ago
    I had a brother who would have situational A-fib. Every time he did the prep the for his

    So he was on the meds you mentioned or similar for years. But these were the only times
    he was ever really actually in A-fib. The doctors always dismissed my brothers ideas that the
    brutal colonoscopy prep had brought about the A-fib. For him every five years really. At least they could have explained why they thought this isn't possible.
    Prayers and hugs.
    39 days ago
    hugs i hope this resolves itself
    39 days ago
    Sorry, Patti, I don't know anything about situational A-Fib. I worked for 2 cardiologists for 5 years each time (but many years ago), and never heard of situational A-Fib. Sounds like they are doing the right thing by checking it out.
    39 days ago
    My dad had A-fib but I never heard of situational A-fib. It could be that it was mis-diagnosed and the heart monitor will confirm that. I hope it gets sorted out for you.

    39 days ago
    Sorry Patti that I don't know anything about it---But glad you are wearing a monitor to watch. I do hope things get worked out my friend! .. Sending Hugs and love!
    39 days ago
    Both my parents had a-fib and were on medication. My little sis had a-fib and ended up having an ablation about 10 yrs. ago (VERY young for this problem). But since the ablation, she has had no problems.

    I would say the approach being taken is right. See what's going on with your heart and go from there.

    I have to say, I haven't ever heard of situational a-fib.

    Good luck to you.

    39 days ago
    I have no idea what that is,

    Take it easy. I hope they sort it out soon

    39 days ago
    I can't help you here Sissy. Man you have been through it babes, emoticon emoticon
    39 days ago
    wishing your doctors true wisdom in finding and diagnosing your problem and also praying for you
    39 days ago
    My wife is in AFIB with high heart beat. They are doing an Ablation in Jan due to being so backed up. If anyone has other solutions to this please message me...

    39 days ago
    I have heard of it being misdiagnosed.The symptoms can sometimes be caused by other things like medications !
    39 days ago
  • DEE107
    hugs my dad has afib I know the treatments and medicine watch your weight each day good luck my friend
    39 days ago
  • ZRIE014
    take care
    39 days ago
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