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Emotional sadness for friends....

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Hello, dear sparklers! emoticon

I got the nicest message this morning that told me how one of my sweet sweet friends really misses my blogs.

Well....not to disappoint...here's what is going on in Bobbi World at the moment. emoticon

It's been a HECK of a week! First, my hubby's best BEST buddy just went to the hospital on Tuesday for a rectal cancer operation. UGH...how horrible! He will need a colostomy bag until more chemo then has a 25% the operation can be reversed.

I'm just so distraught for him and of course, seeing him suffer brings back all of the 'stuff' from not quite 6 months ago when I lost my wonderful husband. I HATE cancer and we just seem to be at a loss in how to avoid it.

I've read that CBD oil kills cancer cells so I'm doubly happy I take about 2.5 ml of it every night to help me sleep. I like to think of it doing the 'Pac Man Game' effect of eating any nasty cancer cells in my body that might be lurking along with helping me get a restful sleep.

I get mine online from one of the oldest companies (Lazarus) around that manufacture it out of Oregon. I like to tell myself that Oregon soil is healthier than most other soils in this contaminated world.

If you have been with the military or are considered low income... they give you a HECK of a good discount! This also tells me they are a company with a soul...not just strictly profit-driven like greedy Amazon. They really want to do good in the world.

Who wouldn't want to give their business to a company like that? emoticon

Just be sure to get the 'Full Spectrum' oil...it's the most potent. And warning...it tastes like CWRAP...but soooo well worth it for the benefits.

I get the Chocolate Mint flavor...still bad..but chocolate makes EVERYTHING better...right? It's good for depression, achy joints, cancer, can help pain and anxiety. Helps alleviate inflammation (which is usually the trigger for all kinds of disease) may help with acne, epilepsy, and MS.

What's not to love about a natural plant from Mother Earth to help us with our ails...rather than meds from big pharma that profit big time and usually help mask one symptom but cause 5 other problems with the body at the same time. emoticon

I'm for NATURAL ya'all!

The CBD has no THC which is what makes you 'high'...so you don't have to worry about getting goofy. I only take it at night to sleep and it does such a good job for me...I tell EVERYONE about it!! EVERYONE! emoticon

I think we have all been brainwashed to think pot users are losers...who sit around all day doing nothing. I have reformed my earlier thoughts realizing that as long as the government and big pharma can brainwash you...you aren't going to touch the stuff and instead... keeping buying their poison pills. Do your research and you will be enlightened also my friends!

So between being terribly sad for my hubby's best buddy and his suffering, I'm also sad for his wife who is fighting her own battle against COPD. I know how debilitating being a full-time caregiver is...and once her hubby gets released from the hospital that is exactly what she will be. emoticon I'll help her out as much as I can but they live waaaayyy out away from me so it will have to be on Sunday or Monday my days off from the gallery.

In January..when we hit 'high' season I should start being open 6 days per week but I honestly don't know if I can hack it this year. I'll think about that when January comes. My hubby used to help me out so much babysitting the shoppe so I could get all of the myriad chores done. Now it's just me, myself and I. emoticon

Then the other CRAZEEE thing that happened yesterday has just really knocked the wind out of me. My good friend that picked up with a guy she met online (her big Texas millionaire) NOT... emoticon .became a hot item and she has taken care of him for the past 5 years.

He has ALZ and I realized something was 'off' with him the first time we met him. He must have been early stage then and has gone down hill every year after. Somehow she wrangled a POA, on him and became the beneficiary on his modest life insurance policy. He told her he wanted her to have that because she would be the one taking care of him.

She had a pretty good set up with him paying the rent in a very nice condo they live in sown in Naples and somehow she also got him set up on Medicaid so she had nursing assistants to the house every day to watch him while she worked. These perks came at no charge to her...a pretty sweet deal and hard to get in FL.....if my friend is ANYTHING...she is enterprising..lol!

This Ken guy.... has a whole history we are finding (I TOLD her to do a background check...which she ignored), about finding women and leeching off of them...woman to woman to woman.

Unfortunately the ALZ hampered his style a little bit but he still did a pretty good job of suckering her in. When he met her she was living in a swanky development and I'm sure he thought he had another gullible rich woman under his spell. The crazy thing is...as he was scamming her...she was doing a pretty good job of scamming HIM...funny how that kind of stuff happens right?

The guy is a piece of CRAP. Learning his history just confirms this.

His daughters gave my friend SO MUCH grief with their father. Always calling her a 'gold digger' and saying she was taking advantage of their dad. He must have been showing them different spreadsheets than real ones...because he basically didn't have anything other than his social security check.

One of the daughters lives in MN and one lives in TX. Over the 5 years, NOTHING my friend did was ever good enough for them and their dad made everything SO much more difficult calling them all the time saying he wanted to be with family....BUT when he went there for a trip last summer he was gone a few days then started calling my friend many times a day whining that the grandkids made him nervous and he wanted to come back 'home' to her in FL. This is to be expected with ALZ but this guy has always been all about him ALL the time long before the ALZ hit.

Such a manipulator...reminds me of my MIL for sure. emoticon

But...yesterday...while my friend was at work his daughters and their husband flew in from MN and TX...went to my friends home and basically KIDNAPPED their dad!

The caregiver was in such a state of shock...she called my friend but of course, she didn't pick up her cell phone as she was working.

The girls threw his clothes into a suitcase, took his pills, one pair of shoes and were out the door within 15".

Ken (the guy) HAD to have known they were coming because the caregiver told my friend when she came to work he was fully dressed and even had his sandals on. He never got himself up and dressed. He always waited for someone to help him.

My friend also said that she caught him out on the lanai whispering into the phone with the girls so I guess it was a well-planned conspiracy about 10 days before the 'heist'...sooooo what do you think?

Can you EVEN imagine? He just up and LEAVES...no goodbye, no note no nothing...just off to greener pastures or so he thinks,,, after robbing FIVE long years from my friend's life. emoticon

I can't even get my head around this meaness...such selfishness...my friend is absolutely numb and stricken with sadness and shame.

Well...as I say...karma..she's a biatch. He will be parked in a nursing home dribbling down his chin before he knows it. His girls are as selfish and as self-centered as he is. NO WAY are they going to take time out of their busy lives to care for this idiot 24/7.

My friend arranged for a family trip to Disney Land in Orlando last month. Ken had to be in a wheelchair because he doesn't walk that well...SHE was the one stuck pushing him all around the park all day. Not the girls taking turns...not the big strong husbands...nope couldn't be bothered...my friend was exhausted!! It was surely NO VACATION for her...and she made all of the arrangements for the girls their family and his grandchildren...UGH! She's a sucker for punishment..this one.

The biggest motivator...of course...is money. The minute he told the girls he had a life insurance policy...THERE they were! Funny how things like that happen with family isn't it?

Sooooo I'm just kind of reeling about all of the drama rama in my world right now. Including digging through all my files hoping to find a lawyer that will countersue the stinkin' bank for all of the fraud and fabricated documents they have created in an attempt to steal our house. I've been waging THAT battle for 10 loooooonnnng years now. UGH!

It's NEVER dull in Bobbi ~ land...although sometimes I wish it were for a month or two.

I am doing pretty well on my weight loss...trying to really watch my carb intake but still eating plenty of fiber from green veggies...I've got to keep myself healthy...just got to.

You concentrate on your health too my darling friends...health is one thing money can't buy...my friend with COPD and Don's wonderful buddy have plenty of money...but the health factor is missing and once you get caught up in the medical system...it's so darn hard to come out alive...let alone healthier...never really seen it....at least down here in FL.... so take precautions before you get wrapped up in the medical money go round. emoticon

Hugs, hugs, and MORE hugs!

Bobbi Anne

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, Bobbi. You do have a colorful life (thinking of your scamming friend being scammed :) So sorry about the friend having cancer. I do hope he will also try all the natural treatments. I'm going to get some of the Lazurus CBD oil. Thanks for telling about it.
    41 days ago
    Hi Bobbi, you're so sweet to take the time and update us. Thank you. I've succeeded keeping up my food tracking this week, yet on iPhone I haven't fully learned how to stay in touch with blogs and friends. Thank you for your thoughtful words on my SparkPage. I'm with you: My pets follow me upstairs and down, bless their hearts.

    I'm so sorry about Don's friend and his wife. To learn your battle with fraud continues... Your description of the medical system maze has been my experience with both parents this year and last. For so many, it seems that the odds to find a healthy way home are slight (at least to their Earthly homes).

    You are one fantastic woman and soul. How lucky your customers are. I imagine your shop is a soft place to fall (and visit) for many. I'm glad you'll find a decision to open 6 days or not that makes you feel good.

    42 days ago
    Hi Bobbi..! Wishing you a good day!!

    hugs! Wendy emoticon
    44 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Got my Bobbi fix! Thanks sweetie.
    I knew all along that your friend would end up on her own again. I wonder if she has learned her lesson.. ? I hope so. She could have left at any time, so it was ONLY five years, not twenty five..

    Wait until his family has to provide documentation for EVEYTHING in order for him to qualify for a nursing home,, Medicaid is very strict about that. If SHE owns that insurance policy, it is not His asset, so they will have to do miles of paperwork and phone calls. Tuff taffy.. emoticon
    48 days ago
    Many hugs and prayers for you and Michelle! Such a horrible mess!
    48 days ago
    Hugs, hugs and hugs to you also. Take care of yourself. Maybe hire someone to help out a few hours a day or week. emoticon
    48 days ago
    I too am sorry for all this drama, so many red flags in the internet find, I would say good riddance on the kidnaping and definitely don't fight the courts on the insurance policy, its only money. Skeeter
    48 days ago
    to much drama for me.karma is a bitch
    48 days ago
    Never a dull moment in Bobbi land. Good luck with your shop and the on going fight for your home. Sure hope it all works out for you.
    Sending prayers for your friend and his wife.
    Prayers and hugs to you. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    48 days ago
    Quite a turn of events in your world. Sorry for hub's best friend-how sad.
    The Texas millionaire will certainly come back into the picture when the
    girls find out he has no money. I hope she decides to let the girls take
    care of him and she tries to find some peace with the situation.
    Maybe you could hire a part time employee for one day a week.
    I know you will think this all through before January.
    48 days ago
    Yep, you're right--never a dull moment in the Bobbi Anne world! The Texas millionaire (NOT) has made lots of big and small appearances in previous blogs, so it's no surprise to see he's back center-stage. How has your friend been able to put up with all of this? I hope she says good riddance and does NOT respond to the pleading calls that are sure to come. IMHO, she should relinquish that POA, forget about those people, and get on with her life! It must be hard to feel sympathy for her, Bobbi, after all the bad choices she's made about this totally not-worth-it relationship. I remember your saying years ago that he wouldn't even rent a car when he came to town and was dependent on others to pick him up at the airport and take him places. Sheesh!

    I hope you can resolve the long legal battle about the house. Wouldn't it be great not to have to deal with that stress and uncertainty any more?

    Please take care, and good luck with continuing to lose weight and stay healthy. I know you need a break from the drama, but it sure makes for interesting blogs because you tell the stories very well!
    48 days ago
    Wow! Thar was a lot of news Bobbi! Lots of decisions about the shop. I know you will choose well.
    49 days ago
    holy smokes you weren't joking ..
    I have missed your blogs too

    so sorry to hear of Don's friends being unwell .. COPD isnt going away ever .. but the colon cancer I'm sure will be history in no time .. he will make a full recovery ..
    yes as we age we must take the best care of ourselves as we can ..
    I'm very interested in the CBD oil .. I've heard amazing things .. the vet even prescribed it for our big dog that gets anxious every time he looses sight of his poppa
    I'm going to research the company you suggested .. thank you
    Glad you are doing so well with your health .. keep up the good work .. lots of greens is the answer to most health issues ..

    you girlfriend sure hasn't had the best of luck with her prince charming ... now this .. to have him kidnapped .. that's crazy ..

    Please take good care of you .. xo
    Be Well .. the perfect lawyer to handle this foreclosure matter in your favour is in your immediate future .. believe it ..
    huge hugs

    49 days ago
    Wow, what a horrible deal for Michelle. How is she going to get by? You're right, you certainly have a lot going on in your world.
    49 days ago
    Wow. You are right. Never a dull moment. Interesting about the CBD oil. I have some but haven’t used it yet. May look into your recommendation Thanks! emoticon
    49 days ago
    I use CBD oil too. Helps with all my aches & pains. My sis sells it.

    I have a cousin who is widowed. She had a WONDERFUL marriage. Her DH died from cancer. She has been meeting various guys online and getting taken for more money than she will admit to. It's sad. She won't listen to any warnings. We keep trying to tell her to be careful. Fortunately it's only been money that's been taken. I fear that she will be physically harmed if she keeps doing this, but she's an adult and making her own choices.

    About the shop...could you go with 5 days a week? Or open a bit later in the day? It's a lot to take on by yourself. I have no doubt that you can do it, but is that really what you want? At this point in your life, you need to keep yourself on your priority list!

    49 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    Bobbi land has never a dull moment. Yourmdsys ar mfull my friend which is a very good thing.

    So sorry about both your friends.
    49 days ago
    I am hoping that your friend has learned the lesson and when he calls and wants to come back, she tell him and the rest of his family that they took him now it's their responsibility to now take care of him. Sometimes us women are so gullible. She needs to realize she was taken advantage of.

    I so wish that the shop made enough $$$$$ that you could be open in 6 days a week, and it would support an employee or 2 so you could take a day off when you wanted it.. How is the new furniture that you got a couple weeks ago selling. I hope it is all gone.
    49 days ago
    Sorry for your drama. Like that you are striving to live healthy. Hoping you have a pleasant day.
    49 days ago
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