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Peace Day six plastics

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Today, I’m introducing a very serious topic… plastics, particularly single-use plastics. Now, first let me share that not all plastic is bad… prior to plastics, we relied on ivory, tortoiseshell, wood, bone, iron, tin, silver, gold, etc to create a lot of the items we now make out of plastic. Products made from these natural resources put pressure on the environment. Plus, many medical advances are made out of plastic.

Plastic is a new invention, really only about 100 years old… with this miracle substance (created from fossil fuels) came great responsibility. And that’s perhaps where we’ve fallen a bit short.

Some stats…

Every year, 8 million tons of plastic waste escapes into the oceans from coastal nations. This is equivalent to 5 garbage bags full of trash stacked high on every foot of coastline around the world.

About 50% of plastic that is discarded is only used one time.

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish by weight in the oceans.

But let me add, that today, I don’t want to tackle the topic of plastics as it relates to the damage done to the earth… I’ll get to that later on in Project Peace. I’ve included these statistics to grab your attention.

Plastics are a problem… WE are contributing to this problem. Each one of us needs to reduce our use of plastic… single-use plastics.

What do I mean by single-use plastics?

grocery bags

ziploc bags

produce bags

water bottles


to-go cutlery

Solutions to reducing single-use plastics:

reusable grocery bags… don’t go out and buy a new one. Find bags around your house or get one from a thrift store

use glass food containers instead of ziploc bags

find smaller bags to take to the store to put your produce in

skip the straw (unless medically indicated)… don’t even bother buying a metal or glass one

keep your own set of cutlery with you so when you are on the go or at the office, you don’t need to use that plastic fork or spoon

now, the water bottle… yes, there are emergency reasons to have the plastic water bottles on hand BUT that’s not what I’m talking about here. Invest in a double-walled stainless steel water bottle… keep it for a very long time, they are not cheap but they last!

Plastics and your health…

Single-use water bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate. This type of plastic can be recycled but it is NOT to be re-used… this means once you use the water bottle one time, DISCARD IT… the plastics leach into the water over time. If you leave it in your car in the heat, the potential to leach plastics into the water is increased.

Peace is health and well-being. The abundance of plastics certainly has serious environmental consequences but it doesn’t stop there… plastics can also negatively impact YOU, your health.

Daily peace tip #6

Today, keep a log of everywhere you encounter plastic in your life... and I mean everywhere, each room of your house, transportation, every store you visit, outside…pay close attention. Comment below about your discovery. What amazed you the most?

Identify one action item you can implement to reduce your personal exposure to plastic. We are in contact with plastic all the time… we truly have no understanding of the long-term health impacts of this exposure.

If you’d like a little extra information, there is a great new documentary called “Straws.” If you want to know how to access it, google it… you’ll easily find it.

I hope you embrace this opportunity to increase your awareness of plastic in your world. If you truly engage in this activity, I think you’ll be aghast at what you discover.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Have already incorporated most of what you mentioned.
    Also, I used cloth diapers & rubber pants rather than disposal diapers.
    42 days ago
    42 days ago
    I have several sets of silverware that travel: one in my backpack and two in each car.
    42 days ago
    We recycle as much as we can although the county's bins are limited as to what they will take. We do our best to keep plastics to a minimum. Thanks for sharing the information.
    42 days ago
    I do use a lot of plastic, but I do wash and reuse what I can, and recycle what I cant
    42 days ago
  • KITT52
    I reuse my plastic bags
    At our RV park they weave mats for the homeless...
    I ask the waiter not to bring us straws.
    We recycle everything we can..
    I have reusable bags for groceries
    42 days ago
    Great information. Thanks for sharing.
    43 days ago
    What truly saddens me, scares me, and maddens me is people who insist that this really isn't a problem and go on adding to the piles with not a care for our planet.

    We have been recycling for years. I use my own grocery bags, I put food in glass containers, I don't buy water in plastic bottles or juices. If it doesn't come in a glass bottle or container, I don't buy it. I still have more that I could do and am working on it. If we would all contribute to the saving of our earth instead of adding to its demise, there might be a much better quality of life for our Grand-children. Those who say that this isn't a problem are the ones making $ from its use.
    43 days ago
    43 days ago
    It's amazing to see the amount of trash along our highways. Much of it is plastics like empty water or soda bottles. It is inexcusable. I agree with your blog.Thank you for sharing.
    43 days ago
    Because we try to reduce the harm we do to the Earth, we do most of those things now. We recycle print, metal, and plastic materials. I would like to leave a cleaner Earth for my grandchildren.

    43 days ago
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