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Month 2 / Week 5 / Day 33 / no sugar and no flour / 3 things I am grateful for today (Dec 7 2019)

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Getting close to Christmas - thankfully all shopping has been done, the few parcels that needed to be mailed are on their way so am able now to just sit back and enjoy the season.

Was feeling a bit 'down' the last 2 days as I was thinking about what I have done and what I need to do re weight loss. I am so thankful for the plan I am on - it is a lifestyle change for sure and I don't plan to give it up. But got to thinking about all those vegetables and well, as I don't like many it is difficult to eat so many. So far so good but I guess it is time to make a couple more changes in that area. So will be looking through my BLE cookbook and looking online for some different recipes. Think also some of the problem is I am needing now needing a bit more variety - but as my husband says 'you might want to make changes but you are a very picky eater.' So am going to look up more recipes and make a list of which ones we will try.

Tonight for supper we are have one that is called Not My Mom's Meatloaf = we tried it a couple of weeks ago using ground chicken and really didn't like it - neither of us liked chicken ground. So tonight we are trying it again with beef. One thing it has in it is cauliflower rice which is not a problem. So am looking forward to it as both of us do like meatloaf.

Then on Wednesday we are having our Assistant Pastor and his wife over for dinner (he just became our assistant pastor about 2 months ago though they have been at the church for some time now) Looking forward to having them over so that we can get to know them better. The menu for that night is going to be Baron of Beef, mashed potatoes (I will have 4 oz boiled), gravy (which I won't partake in just because), lots of vegetables, wedges of tomatoes, Carla (the wife) is going to bring a salad, hubby is going to purchase just enough buns for 4 (I don't eat bread due to the flour). For dessert we usually serve either apple or lemon pie - think it will be apple this time. But I am also going to have a bowl of mixed fruit (green grapes, banana, sliced apple, strawberries) - I am supposed to eat my fruit at breakfast or lunch but this one day I am changing it up to supper so I can have a 'dessert' I know it will work.

Then on Saturday we go to our annual Church Christmas dinner - full turkey dinner - have asked the lady in charge of putting it all together re what is being served - I will be able to have turkey, will have 2 tablespoons potatoes (won't have my scale with me) and lots of vegetables along with a small salad. When it comes to dessert hubby will take daughter out to the foyer where the food will be set up and get some for both of them - I am not going to go and have a look at what is being served. So I am ok with that day.

Then we come to December 18 which is our 36th wedding anniversary - we are going out to our favorite restaurant where I know I can get chicken without coating, lots of fresh vegetables and/or a salad and when I called them I asked if I could order 1/2 a baked potato and they said yes they would do that for me. So all is well that day

And then there is Christmas day dinner at our home - and there is no problem with what we are serving - and I will actually be able to measure my food as we are eating at home.

So all is well on the food side - it is just my mind is doing a few tricks on me - making me think re no willpower. But I got out the book for this program and reread the chapter on willpower and it once again made so much sense - I know it is my brain calling out for sugar and flour though what it really needs is to be free from these 2 addictive foods. The healing process of the brain is happening and if I can be funny here my brain is saying 'stop it I don't want to be healed I want to be sick give me back all that sugar and flour' but I am just telling it to 'get off my back' and leave me alone as I want a healthy brain not a sick one. So though it has been a bit difficult these past few days I have stayed 100% on plan, I realize I am now at the stage where I will lose between 1 - 2 pounds a week ( not 3 - 4 like in the first 3 weeks) and I just need to be happy about that. I need to keep reminding myself just to follow the plan 100% the weight will release and 1 - 2 pounds a week is great - that could give me between 4 - 8 pounds every month and that is not something to sneeze at. Actually I think some of the problem is the last 2 nights haven't sleep so well - am thinking my body is doing a healing thing because since I started this program I have slept so well - so maybe another positive change is going to happen soon with the body.

My Scripture Verse for today is
Psalm 40:16 (ESV)
But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you; may those who love your salvation say continually 'Great is the Lord!'

3 things I am grateful for today are
(1) grateful for fingers that help me type on computer and hold a pen

(2) grateful for a comfy chair to sit on

(3) grateful for my wonderful husband who I will be married to 36 years on Dec 18

My streaks are as follows
77 days of logging on to Sparkpeople
77 days of tracking all food and water
77 days of reading the Bible every morning with hubby

33 days / Week 5 / Month 2 of no sugar no flour eating plan - and am wining the releasing of weight following this plan 100%

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great observations!
    I hope today was easier.

    45 days ago
    Keep up the good work. emoticon
    46 days ago
  • GRAMMY065
    You are doing so well! I am proud of you my friend!
    46 days ago
    I love your brain conversation.
    my brain is saying 'stop it I don't want to be healed I want to be sick give me back all that sugar and flour' but I am just telling it to 'get off my back' and leave me alone as I want a healthy brain not a sick one.

    Part of my head felt it didn’t have enough willpower so it yelled at me louder. I finally heard the truth. My head was afraid of being responsible for my “diet” success. When I told myself, “it’s okay. I’m not counting on you for more willpower I’m brave enough to take a chance and make these decisions and do this a different way. That’s when my head really did back off. We’ve been at peace since then.

    46 days ago
    Trying new recipes sounds like fun since you get to pick foods you like--enjoy!
    46 days ago
    P.S. I am stealing that photo for my page.
    46 days ago
    I have to laugh with you saying your brain doesn't want to be healed, it wants sugar and flour. I was feeling that way about balsamic vinaigrette earlier today. My brain was telling me, "eat greens, and put Chris's dressing on them! No one will know!" As you know, no oil on McDougall. I haven't really craved oil until today. It only lasted about an hour and then it passed again. (I didn't give in). Now, I have been craving tofu for the last three days. Not sure what's in there that I want. It's pretty bland! But I am buying a block when we go grocery shopping tomorrow.

    Glad you are devising plans for your holiday and anniversary meals. I know you will do great!

    I know I'm vegan, but besides that, ground chicken really doesn't sound good. I agree with your YUCK review!

    I relate to you with regard to being past the original "honeymoon" phase of the new program. I was losing 3-4 pounds a week on McDougall for the first month, but now it's down to 1-2. I have been doing my share of freaking out wondering what I'm doing wrong, but it's not me, it's not you, it's just that it's slowed down now that you're used to it, and that's okay. A steady weight loss is what you want, too fast and you will be left with loose skin, and you don't want that!

    We both picked lifestyle change programs, and now we just have to be patient, even though we want to lose all the weight RIGHT NOW! I have a little over 56 pounds to go to get to my long-term goal. I can probably do that in the next year if I lose a little over a pound a week. I think it will happen a bit faster than that though. But if it doesn't, that's okay too, I am not changing the way I eat, and the time will pass anyway, so it's all good!

    I had been getting obsessive about weighing again the past month or so, but I have nipped that in the bud and gone back to only weighing on Saturday mornings. If you jump on the scale every day, you might want to reduce that too, it only makes you feel insecure when you're doing everything right and will be just fine! I just got to 211.4 three days ago, my body will need more time to release more. And that's okay! Just keep making one more compliant meal and it will all add up like it's already doing!

    46 days ago
    Have fun
    46 days ago
    46 days ago
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