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Ugh! A very bad awful day of yucky food choices!

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

emoticon Criminy...our 5% challenge just wrapped up a few days ago and I did so well on it. Once left to my own devices...I'm already in trouble!

This morning I went to my grief group meeting and made the bad decision to take Christmas cookies. I thought it would be a nice treat....but that little nibble of a cookie did exactly what it ALWAYS does...threw me right under the carb train!

I went to lunch with a friend from the group and we had a nice lunch. I chose a nice lentil soup and a salad with blackened chicken..patting myself on the back for being such a good, good girl!

BUT after I got home I had a few more cookies and then another one...and another one..until I lost count!

Now I feel so sluggish and comatose I'm ashamed of myself! I know this is because of all of the sugar I've eaten today. NO wine tonight Roberta!! emoticon

Tomorrow is another day but I'm throwing the cookies OUT...I just can't be trusted to be a logical health-driven human being with cookies around the house. I have NO self control around oatmeal raisin cookies...and those little gingersnaps with peppermint frosting...bad, bad, BAD for me! emoticon

I go back to work tomorrow and I'm wondering if some of this self-sabotage is knowing I am responsible...solely responsible for our little consignment gallery. It can really be overwhelming if you allow yourself to absorb that scary fact. But on the other hand, I'm blessed to be my own boss making my own decisions which are usually pretty sound if I stay away from the devil of sugar temptation..ha..ha! emoticon

Here's wishing you all the best during the upcoming holidays. I find that if I don't allow bad food to come into my house I do SO much better holding to my healthy eats plan!

I'm sending you lots of healing vibes and always health, wealth and happiness my friends! emoticon
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    It's hard to resist temptations that are right in front of you but don't beat yourself up over one little mishap. You are doing a wonderful job!
    47 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    HOw are you doing this week,, miss your blogs terribly.
    48 days ago
    That was my weekend. One bad choice snowballed into too many bad choices. I know it was emotional stress. The estate sale at my mom's condo was this weekend. It is empty now. I went through four big boxes of pictures and papers, and I think it all really got to me. Today is another day to keep moving forward. HUG
    50 days ago
    I'm with you girlfriend. It's amazing how one moment we seem fine, but once "just one" cookie touches our mouth, all of a sudden we can shovel in a dozen (I did just last night). I cannot have them in the house. Smart me divided our kitchen last year. DH loves sweets, so I put all of "his" food in separate cabinets (I gave him the best cabinets). That worked until big loss hit, and now I just go into his cabinet. "Where did my cookies go?" LOL I warn him to buy twice as much if buying sweets. My only control is writing it down on SparkPeople. At least, that worked before. This is Day 1 -- we'll see if it still works. No shame, though. These are old habits that have well-engrained neural pathways. It's natural to default, in the face of so much challenge (loss emoticon emoticon ). I'm trying to catch the pattern that starts it (likely, buried emotions from long ago -- momentary regression). I'm glad you have your grief support and can reach out to your myriad global friends on SparkPeople. emoticon

    PS - I just remembered the recent Weekly Spark email highlighting a TED talk by Judson Brewer - "A simple way to break a bad habit." It talked about visualizing our sense responses when eating the desired food (like ice cream) and how it can almost satisfy like we've had it. I'll try to remember that next time. It made sense when I walked through the exercise with Dr. Brewer. Let me know if you watch it. emoticon
    52 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/6/2019 11:19:06 AM
    emoticon Lesson learned..tomorrow is another day
    52 days ago
    I do not bash myself over a fallen choice,because the very minute in time I realize what is happening I have the next second in time to change that ! I would rather have chocolate graham crackers so last week I had 3 was satisfied & moved on from there. I had to be MINDFUL as not to be eating the entire pack. This is what works for me When I want more of a higher sugar or higher carb food I go weigh myself . I look at that number & remind myself do I really want to jeopardize the 20 pounds I lost over a whole ppack of graham crackers or an extra helping of a heavy carb? Of course not so I have some & then I am good to go. I use my scale every day as a tool. I know some people frown on that,but it works for me,everyone must find what works for them & not listen to the nat sayers. When I am tempted I go on the scale !
    have a good day Bobbi
    53 days ago
    Cookies are my downfall too. Especially homemade! emoticon
    54 days ago
    oh my dear friend .. dont beat yourself up any more .. there are very few of us that can have just one cookie .. or one chocolate ..
    savour the flavour in your memory and move on .. remember .. raises are good for you and so it oatmeal .. if you ate it in a bowl for breakfast it would keep your full and satisfied all day .. but in the form of a cookie our dear bodies holler
    " more treats" ..
    I deserve a treat ..
    I want a treat ..
    'life sucks Im getting a treat .. regardless if the house is full of people or just me ...
    I can justify the binge ..
    move on .. its over .. love yourself back to wholeness today ..
    wish we lived closer ..
    so very often .. I'd love to help you in your gallery in exchange for chalk paint lessons ..
    maybe one day .. never know

    huge hugs .. remember you are amazing .. strong .. wise and so much fun .. embrace life to the max ..
    54 days ago
    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just FF to January already! These holidays are horrible in terms of food choices - but remember that you have been gifted *today* to start anew! You got this!

    54 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I made my grandma's brown sugar tarts last week: just ate the last one...
    I did give away half of what I baked, so I am sorta rationalizing.
    Evil carbs... emoticon

    54 days ago
    It is okay once in awhile to just let go and enjoy a few cookies. Just get back at it today. You deserve a little blip after the year you have had.
    54 days ago
    Cookies don’t last long at my house either. I completely understand!
    54 days ago
    Oh, I get that!

    I'm back to limiting sweet treats to ONE day a week. That's what works best for me. I can do NONE, but I seem to have trouble with 'just one'!

    You've been on my mind. I cannot imagine how tough the holidays are for you. Know that prayers are being said for you by many!

    54 days ago
    Bobbie don't beat yourself up to bad, such is life now and then and you are aware and took the right steps
    54 days ago
    I can't be around cookies either.
    Yes, today is a new day - carpe diem.
    55 days ago
    I ate a piece of fudge last night and that is such a no-no
    unless I put the remainder in the freezer. Make today a
    better day. HUGS!
    55 days ago
    You are so beautiful don't let this day be sad for being tempted by sugar see it as the opportunity to start fresh tomorrow and be the successful boss you know how to be. You are a motivator of being an example of living the good life.
    55 days ago
    Same with me. Once the poison is in the house, I'm toast. Tomorrow's a new day. Big hug.
    55 days ago
    Some days the train just derails... Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself (and yes, throw out the cookies!).
    55 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    We all know we have these days. Thank goodness we get to start over tomorrow.
    55 days ago
    Bobbi, this is such a treacherous time of the year! All the good stuff there to tempt you. I hate this.
    But tomorrow is another day! emoticon
    55 days ago
    So sorry about that head-on collision with the cookies, Bobbi. I know, know, know what you mean. Cookies, ice cream, sweet breads--whenever I bring them into the house, I can't just let them be, but am always aware of them lurking in the cabinets or freezer. Truly, the best thing to do is let them stay on the supermarket shelf, but it's hard, isn't it?

    I hope to tomorrow is a better day, and I hope you have great success at your gallery so that you'll gain the confidence and certainty that you can do this all by yourself. It'll be so wonderful to meet that challenge--or to find someone trustworthy to help you if you find it's all just too much.

    Anyway, I wish you peace and comfort, my dear, as you snuggle up for the night with your little pink-nosed M-Boy!

    55 days ago
    Everyone has a bad day. Don't beat yourself up just start again tomorrow. Sending hugs and prayers emoticon emoticon emoticon
    55 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/3/2019 7:42:28 PM
    55 days ago
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