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Month 2 of my food plan starts tomorrow (Dec 3) 3 things I am grateful for today

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Today ends my 1st month of following my food plan re no sugar no flour

As many of you know who have been reading my blogs I have been doing a no sugar, no flour program. And have never felt better. One big change - besides what the scale says - is that my hiatus hernia is no longer causing pain, and because of this the acid reflux I have had nightly is now gone. My throat is healing nicely from all the acid from this illness - and I am so thankful for that. This is just one of the benefits with making this change to my lifestyle.

I started this program on November 5 2019 with a weight of 271.4 On November 30 ( my scale ) I weighed in at 253.7 giving me a loss of 17.7 pounds.

Tomorrow, Tuesday December 3 2019 is my official weigh in and it will be interesting to see what their scale says. It usually is about 1 pound difference so if I was to go by my scale I could be down 1 - 2 pounds for this weigh in. But it is the start of the month so basically it is like having a 'new start' as I am looking at what I can do each month while staying faithful to my food plan.

This month (December) I will be starting up a walking plan - using my treadmill. My goal right now is to walk 1/2 a mile each day on it and to do some work with dumbbells for my arms to help tighten up the skin as I am hoping that the arms won't have too much loose skin - hopefully. Overall goal for the treadmill is to get in 15 miles total for the month. As I have a medical condition re my back I need to go rather slow - so need to find that sweet amount of time on it - enough movement to help with the problem but not enough to cause more damage. With the weigh I have lost it is somewhat easier now to move and am praying that by the end of December (releasing more weight) that in the New Year I will be able to increase the distance.

I am so grateful for all the support I have from many areas that are cheering me on, encouraging me pretty much daily. My husband is the best - he is such a good encourager - the last few days have been difficult for me due to some issues that have popped up - but he has helped keep me on track with my thinking and reminding me just how far I have come in such a short time. I am looking forward to going shopping right after Christmas when the sales are on as I am pretty close to needing a few new clothes - even 2 - 3 new outfits one size smaller will be nice and if I can get them on sale even better.

My Scripture Verse for to day is
Psalm 46:10
Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

3 things I am grateful for today are:
(1) grateful that though it snowed it was just a little (about 1 inch)
(2) grateful that I am now starting Month 2 of my food program
(3) grateful that I have a great group that meets weekly to be held accountable re our weight

My streaks to date are
71 days of logging on to Sparkpeople
71 days of tracking all food and water
71 days of reading the Bible with my husband

27 days on food plan - 1st month now complete and starting month 2

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