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Back at my brother's house in Tennessee

Monday, December 02, 2019

Last Saturday we had a 13 hour drive from Florida to my brother's house. There were 5 delays due to auto accidents so that slowed us down considerably. My bff and her significant other drove down to drive us back. My brother was in his vehicle and I was with my bff. The ride was a challenge because it was a small car with no leg room to sit comfortably. I had turned my ankle last Thursday on some soft wet sand on my walk. I couldn't keep my leg and ankle straight. I couldnt sit it upright without leg and foot cramps so it was a miserable ride. We rode in rain from South Carolina. We have thunderstorms around Asheville NC with some blinding lightening. We made it though. Unloaded most of the car in the rain on Saturday night. Finished the unload yesterday. Went to the grocery store yesterday. I did the shopping and my brother sat in the car until I was ready to check out. So I had multiple trips up and down the steps with stuff. My ankle is slightly swollen. I think part of my problem is sciatica too. I feel nerve pain from my foot to lower back. Had a few snow flurries earlier. My brother has had business with his employer and getting estimates to get the bathroom redone from a garden tub to a walk in shower. Getting used to colder weather here. Ugh! So many odd little things to do. My brother's doctor appointments start on Thursday. Fun fun. I will be here, indefinitely. My son is bringing me winter clothes on the 9th. Plus all sorts of other things. I miss home. I miss my friends and family. Life has other plans so I'm going with the flow. Oh it feels so good to sleep in a comfy bed, lol. From futons, to hospital recliners to a hard twin bed at the condo and now to a comfy bed at my brother's house. I slept better last night after I got myself in a comfy position. A few of my Florida friends said I had lost weight. I know my clothes are looser. My brother's scales are iffy. I'm using them to see what I weigh. Plus I haven't had a fluid pill in a while and I'm back on them so we shall see. If today's weight is indeed correct then I'm in onderland finally. We shall see as time goes by. My walking is limited today to allow my ankle some rest so it can heal. Watching my diet too. Drinking water. I had fruit with breakfast. Soup for lunch. Tonight will be leftovers from last night's 7 layer casserole. My brother loved it. He said it was the best thing he's eat for the last 10+ weeks. Everyone take care. Make sure you do your best each day. The holidays are upon us. Allow yourself to enjoy life. Track your foot. Track your fitness. Track your water. Stay active. Much love and hugs.
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