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Veggie Bacon

Monday, December 02, 2019

I'm still relatively new to this Flexitarian lifestyle. I have always enjoyed the taste of certain meat products; but I can live without meat products better than I can live with the inflammation they produce in my body. Anyway, I'm trying some of the meatless meat replacements. Some taste pretty good. Some taste like the real thing. Some do not taste anything like the real thing.
On Saturday I saw some Morningstar Farms Veggie Bacon packages in the frozen food section of the local supermarket. Yes, I bought a package. Yes, I cooked two pieces. I tried to keep an open mind about what they would taste like. The one piece I ate tasted like it was not bacon. It kind of had a smoky flavor, but it did not taste like bacon. I managed to finish that piece, but I put the second piece in fridge. I'm thinking I might try it on a sandwich. I might decide to throw it away. It left a lot to be desired in the taste and looks department. I admit that I do like some of Morningstar Farms other meat replacement products; their corn dogs are just as tasty as the real thing and I cannot tell the difference.
This is just my opinion. You are more than welcome to your own opinion. I'm going to try "Pig Out Chips" when I get a chance to try them.
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    I've been trying the flexatarian or also the pescaterian ... I do seem to do better with the veggies and organic or gluten free types of starchy grains etc. Even chicken bothers me unless it's farm raised (many commercial egg farms use a soy based feed for the chickens and I have a soy thing going against me too.). Apparently the deal about meats is so much of the commercially available meats at the grocery stores etc were raised and produced with growth hormones and antibiotics. This also drives up inflammation (or in my case, is a driver for cancer, because the cancer likes sugar and growth hormones etc.). About the only thing that agrees with me for meat is wild caught salmon, or farm raised chickens.

    I'd tried so many of the Morningstar and Quorn and other "vegetarian meats" years ago when I first experimented with vegetarian and many of those have soy byproducts. So that just never played nice with my body. Everyone's different!! And for many, soy is a wonderful protein substitute (which is why I was trying it,, before I discovered soy didn't play well with my body.).

    Bacon has always been a weird thing with me anyway because I grew up eating kosher... so it was rare when we could find beef bacon. So a lot of the fake bacon is trying to imitate pork bacon and that's kinda hard for me to wrap my head around. I have found using some organic applewood smoked sea salt gives me a suitable "bacon like" flavor - it's obviously not bacon but it works for me for some foods (like to add after I've finished cooking some beans.). It's all an experiment of one! I'm sure you will find things that work for you!
    363 days ago
    Sorry I was raised on a cattle ranch and for us to have cars and houses and other extras we had to sell beef so I have no clues about eating substitute meat.
    364 days ago
    My concerned with these foods is all the preservatives and chemicals that are used to convenience people it taste like meat. I have found that if you eat whole real food your do not eat as much and you body knows how to digest it and this is how I lost weight
    364 days ago
    A flexitarian is someone who mostly eats veggies, but occasionally eats meat. I eat meat about one a week, usually poultry.

    365 days ago
    What is flexitarian? I call myself a pesca-pouli-tarian. Loads of plants with the occasional fish or chicken.
    365 days ago
    I agree that some Morning Star product are good. I haven't tried veggie bacon.
    365 days ago
    Still gotta be careful of fat / nutrition
    365 days ago
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