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Born in Prehistoric Times-I May Be An Old Dinosaur!

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Monday, December 02, 2019

Call me an old dinosaur if you will. I may be an endangered species, born in prehistoric times, before techy smart gadgets. I was around when no one carried a phone in hand. Phones were found in our cave dwelling and when placing a call, an operator assisted. Number please?

When we reached our party, we spoke in audible words. In prehistoric times, if you said "text" I thought of the books I studied from, formerly called a text book.

My younger brother and I walked everywhere, to town and from school most days. We didn't consider it exercise in the dark ages. Using our legs was our mode of travel. If we needed to make a call, we scrambled to find a dime--and later a quarter. We could see our jungles were being thinned as man modernized our world.

Why was man replacing jungles of rich foliage and endangering wildlife with concrete and asphalt, skyscrapers and buildings with flashing lights known as fast foods?

I did not understand the concept of fast food. Born in the dark ages, My guess: it was grabbing a quick bite to eat, like a clump of chewy leaves from off a tree branch.

I may be the last of the prehistoric age, an old relic, but I am glad I lived in the time I did, to have experienced life when simple, to run and play outside rather than live in front of a computer. I think maybe all that vegetation and roaming the planet has kept these old bones intact today.

I do enjoy all the modern world offers; and use a personal computer, a laptop, and my Fire kindle, so not knocking anything.

I may be considered an old fossil by some; but enjoy hearing a friend's voice on the phone instead of a text. Please understand, I am not complaining. I and am fortunate to live in two centuries, and have the best of both worlds. I still feel youthful and am loving life. Thanks for stopping by, and happy month of December to you!
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  • no profile photo LAWREN7800
    I also am a dinosaur. Laurenasauras! I remember when we dialed the first three digits of a telephone number on the rotary phone using names or letters. Our local code was "Victor 3/or VI3" followed by four digits. A nearby Boston local area code was "Andrew8." A popular jingle to remember a (rug business) was: "How many cookies did Andrew eat? Andrew8 8,000"
    44 minutes ago
    Good read - your blog and all the comments! I agree with so many of you! emoticon
    1 day ago
    Thanks for the sweet and nostalgic reminders of “back when....” emoticon
    3 days ago
  • CAROLJ35
    A DYNAMIC blog!
    4 days ago
    I need to continue that outside play we grew up with
    4 days ago
    agree with you and have seen that the younger generation seems to be angry all the time too. So sad for them
    5 days ago
    Creative! love this blog! emoticon
    5 days ago
    I'm right there with you in the fossil category. In fact, I can brag (sort of), that I actually HAD measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox. Every childhood disease that came down the pike, I got. I'm a lot healthier now, at least as far as catching diseases. Now, if I could just grow a new right leg, all would be well. ;-)

    Oh yes, and I still have a rotary phone as one of the three landlines I still have. Truly a dinosaur, yes?

    Happy Advent and Merry early Christmas!
    6 days ago
    Love your blog Jan! You are not the only dinosaur on sparks! "LOL!" Wishing you a beautiful day!
    Hugs and love, xoxo
    6 days ago
    Happy December emoticon
    7 days ago
    I'm with ya. I used to walk to school -3 miles round trip. Never had a weight problem back then!! I wish we were still back in the " good old days". Yes, computers, cell phones make it is easy for us in some ways. But, also makes it easy for hackers! Now FBI is warning us about smart TV's can be hacked. Geeze! What next? I'm really seriously thinking of going back to a flip phone with no internet. Just a "dumb" phone.
    Isn't it something though to see what a difference the world has become in 30- 40 years?! Wow!! emoticon

    7 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/4/2019 9:52:03 PM
    I so prefer a phone call rather than a text, although my daughter occasionally texts me photos of her little guy and that certainly puts a smile on my face!
    8 days ago
  • no profile photo SPARKER-LADY
    I love nature and simplicity but also love the internet and all the knowledge at our fingertips. I do think just communicating by text and not hearing the voice or being with someone in person is sad. Amazes to hear young people say they are in love with someone they never even met in person, only by text. We played outside when we were young because it was fun not because we had to exercise. Seeing friends face to face not on a computer that wasn’t invented back then.
    8 days ago
    I feel the same way but then I remember all the changes in
    the world that my grandfather spoke of-coming to America
    on a boat and farming with horses to having a tractor and a
    car AND a man going to the moon. My, how what wonders
    we all have seen.
    8 days ago
    From one dinosaur to another, great blog! While I glad I lived through those times, I can't call them "the good old days." like some do. I'm happy that somethings have changed. Nevertheless the past has some great lessons to offer. Keep on Sparking. emoticon
    8 days ago
    When my son was a bit younger he asked me if I was alive when the dinosaurs were around. I'm not that old!
    8 days ago
  • AURA18
    emoticon I miss relaxed and simple days. The internet and cellphones are fascinating and time consuming. I want more time to daydream and play outside.
    I played with the snow plow driver emoticon during last snow storm (8 inches). Standing on the driveway and giving a "hand single" for him to lift the plow-up (in a nice way emoticon ).
    After the 3rd pass he did it! Made my day emoticon
    Have a Dreamy December emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    8 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/3/2019 9:46:35 PM
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    9 days ago
    Love your memories and pics! The telephone dinosaur is great! Congrats on your book! emoticon I saw your comment about it on positivehope's. emoticon
    9 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I agree 100% I never had any weight issues as a child. Running, skipping and walking was the thing to do. I enjoyed reading this. We probably do seem prehistoric to many young people. But we have had a great life. emoticon
    9 days ago
  • ALOFA0509
    Great Blog!! I was at Costco today & I remember when someone read outloud the Barcode Number so the cashier could type it in! Lol Keep Movin & Groovin❤️
    9 days ago
    My best friend was Tyrannosaurus Rex!
    9 days ago
    As time moves on I am realizing I am not the techie that I used to be. So much technology is coming out that I can't keep track of everything. Smart phones and smart televisions. My oh my time just marches on.
    9 days ago
    emoticon from a fellow dinosaur
    9 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    emoticon emoticon
    9 days ago
    I enjoyed the blog and all the responses posted here. Brought back many memories. I remember all of it.
    One thing I would add, as well as writing letters, were the brightly colored Christmas cards. Many people just post a message on social media now. Christmas cards are still a big thing at my house. We send ours early and enjoy each one we receive. We use them as part of our Christmas decorations.
    The modern conveniences make life a lot easier. The internet makes my world bigger and helps us who may not get out as often as we used to do.
    Thanks for a wonderful blog.
    9 days ago
    I, too, am a dinosaaur. But I must admit, I enjoy a lot of modern gadgets and technology. emoticon
    9 days ago
    Me too
    9 days ago
    I’m an oldie too...
    9 days ago
    I am an old fossil and dont mind it at all I walked took bus trips Stopped and visited neighbors my friends and I played in the ally.My parents were strict but loved them miss them my sisters and I fought but later in life became travel buddies. i went to church daily I loved my life just kept wishing to be older now text world scares me hate it
    9 days ago
    Those were the days, for sure. The fourth grade girls at school asked me how old was I when I got my first cell that was MINE. I said "42" and they just stared at me like I was crazy! I didn't tell them how big it was and that it came in a bag that held a battery! They really would have stared.
    9 days ago
    I agree with you I remember it so well and playing outside and being able to walk to the store and willing to work for others just because they needed the help and if we got a few cents awesome if not it was a good dead for another person

    have a blessed day
    9 days ago
    Yup y up. Know just what you're talking about. The benefits of technology still outweigh what I've lost of that human-centric world .. Hope I don't outlive that equation.
    9 days ago
  • no profile photo GRAMPIAN
    I agree. emoticon
    9 days ago
    Well said!
    9 days ago
    From there too
    9 days ago
    At 77 & coming from a much less developed country which Mr Kissinger called a bread basket, I am glad to live here,Though so sad so called civilization has ruined our country in some ways.
    9 days ago
    I miss those simpler times so much!! Thank you for the reminders.
    9 days ago
    Happy December to you also! I am also glad I grew up before technology took over. I loved to wade in the creek pretty much being outside the majority of the time even in the winter. A lot of the time I didn't have money for the pay phone and had to place a collect call. It is sad that I don't see kids playing outside anymore and not just because of video games.
    9 days ago
  • LIS193
    Great blog!
    As much as I enjoy modern conveniences, I am so grateful I was a youngster before the internet!
    9 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Jan, I’m right there with you munching on those leaves! I couldn't agree more. We lived in a time where life was the journey in route to the destination. There was no instant gratification of taking a picture, and immediately seeing it. The invention of the Polaroid Camera, and seeing your picture in less than a few minutes was amazing! We had to “wait” for the phone line to clear because of the party line, and then you had better talk fast because someone was always waiting for you to get off to make or receive a phone call. We wrote letters - sometimes long letters, and waited a couple of weeks for a response to arrive in the mail - instead of texting a conversation with a friend so very far away. Everything “took time” and the anticipation was bittersweet, with the reward finally arriving. If we wanted to “know” something we had to wait to go to the library to look it up in the encyclopedia, magazines, or newspaper - there was no internet. Now, we wonder why people are so “impatient”.

    We walked to and from school if we lived “in town”. We played outside until dusk, and sometimes, until after dark, kicking the can, while our parents socialized among themselves. If we wanted to go swimming, we rode our bikes on the back roads to the local pond. We had our weekly exercise by the time we arrived - only to get enough for the next couple of weeks swimming with friends, and then biking back home in time for supper.

    Like you, I also enjoy the perks of technology, especially when we are so far away from our family and friends, but NOTHING can replace a face to face conversation, or receiving a letter or card from a family member or a friend.
    9 days ago
    I enjoy and use modern communication devices and texting. But I do think that it has taken away from face to face personal contact.
    9 days ago
    I so agree with you but I do have one warning.My dear friend's niece is in a nursing home she was texting and listening to music when crossing the street .She got hit by a car .Life as she knew it is over,so as much as I like some newfound gadgets when utilizing dinosaur mode ...like walking please be aware of your surroundings.Automobiles outweigh us and the speed with which they transform your life is infinitely faster than technology,Amy will die long before there is a cure for the massive brain damage she suffered all because she was looking at a phone instead of the road.
    9 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    9 days ago
    Good Blog. Great points.


    9 days ago
    9 days ago
  • JAMER123
    I am also one of those from the ice age or the good old days. I did walk to school a mile and a half every day as I was in country school. My class size was 3. We had the old phone with the mouth piece hanging on the wall and had a long, 2 shorts and a long for our phone ring as it was a party line. I am probably a little less "advanced" than you but still similar remembrances of the good old days when living on the farm the kids worked along with parents. And kids learned to drive a tracker at 7 yr's old.
    9 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    Oh yes! I remember playing outside until the street lights came on. Playing was running races, playing cowboys and Indians (no one thought it was impolite to say that) and red rover.

    We told ghost stories to one another, we played hide and seek. They were fun times and no one thought it was fitness minutes.

    I thought I was the last of the dinosaurs when We decided that I would be a stay at home mom. I loved every day and never felt the work was beneath me or not challenging or rewarding. It was the best of times.

    9 days ago
    My 13-year-old grandson calls me a dinosaur cause I've told him things that we used to have to go without back in "our" day. It took some time for him to believe that we didn't grow up with cell phones or computers or anything electronics of any kind other than a black and white small T.V. with only 3 channels that didn't run 24/7. Pretty funny when you think about it.
    And yeah, I'm old enough to remember the "Party Line" telephone calls, when everyone in your neighborhood could listen in to your phone call whether you wanted them to or not. Course, that was at my grandma's house only, but I do remember it clearly.
    Yes, it's amazing that most of us have lived through the end of one century into the beginning of the new with all of its ups and downs.
    Here's to a good end to this year and a great new year to come.
    10 days ago
    I am with you Jan. I have a phone but I forget to take it with me most of the time. That drives my hubby crazy. I hate being bothered w/ the phone and it just doesn't fit in my purse, and it makes my purse feel heavy.

    10 days ago
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