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Money and Traffic

Sunday, December 01, 2019

I've had a few days off for the Thanksgiving holiday and during this time I made a startling realization about myself. Back in my stay at home mom days, I was as frugal as possible, clipping coupons, making home made everything, always looking for a deal and if I couldn't find it then not making the purchase until I could. This practice was as much out of common sense as it was out of necessity, because as wonderful as being a stay at home mom was, there's no money in it.

Well, times have changed and apparently I have evolved. Because over these last few days, I have been spending money like it's my last day on earth! North face jackets, Nikes, snow tires for the whole family, every kind of food I've ever dreamed of (and way too much of it for no reason), fancy dinners, a manicure, a trip to the hair salon, new beauty tools, and of course Christmas presents galore for the whole family...without a care in the world about how much any of it costs. I'm not sure what's come over me.. I've either snapped or have just gotten tired and given up on behaving responsibly.

The only thing that has changed is my recent 6+ hour experience in traffic. So I'll just blame that. Traveling to my Thanksgiving day destination is usually a 2 hours max commute. Well, not this time. We got a late start, so we we're in the thick of it. And boy have I NEVER ever seen it so thick! Bumper to bumper on the highway for half the drive made the trip excruciatingly long and stressful. The trip back was worse, as we rushed out the door early to catch a 9:40 ferry (the schedule said the following one would be at 10:30 and with holiday weekend wait times, I knew to expect that the 10:30 may be the one we actually got on). We arrived at the terminal at 9:20, which you'd think would be acceptable to get on the 9:40, but nope, not even close. The terminal was full and so the 9:40 boat loaded up and left, leaving us the first in line to board the 10:30. We soon discovered, for some reason unbeknownst to us, that the 10:30 would not be running. So that meant we got on the 11:10. Basically we waited for 2 hours at the 31 degree ferry terminal in the dark (that we rushed to get to) for no reason. Except that someone decided to cancel the 10:30 run and not bother to update the website schedule. Anyway, worst commute ever both ways. As I grow older my tolerance for traffic seems to be dwindling and traffic is getting worse. It's not a good combination. Drives me to drain the bank account, apparently. Maybe I need to go back to being a stay at home mom again to get my head straight. After all, it WAS my favorite job, paid or not.

Other than that, Thanksgiving was wonderful. I feel so thankful to have an amazing family and it was lovely, as always, to spend some time with them. Their value to me is beyond description. Hoping all of you sparkies out there got to spend the day with those you love most and rejuvenating your spirit of gratitude in doing so!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Boy, can I relate to this! I got a check from my mother's estate. Not really that big a check, either, believe me. Yet I took the newly slightly-above-empty checking account and totally went to town, spending like there was no tomorrow. Christmas presents, new clothes (which I don't need!), gourmet food items, you name it. Yikes! How stupid could I be?

    Can also relate to getting older and becoming much less tolerant of traffic. I am to the point that I almost feel entitled to a quick and easy drive to wherever I want to go. Pathetic, no? But I hasten to add that I absolutely never actually *get* a quick and easy drive. I just feel entitled to one. Ah well...

    I didn't cook for Thanksgiving (well, one cheesecake, which I managed to overcook), since we had a meal donated, thanks to Danny's cancer. However, no one but me was willing to actually eat the free meal. It was good, but admittedly not as good as if I had cooked the turkey, stuffing, etc., myself. But I'll take free over hours slaving at the stove any day. So overall it wasn't much of a Thanksgiving, but we were all home and together, and Danny was with us, so it was a good day anyway.
    115 days ago
    glad you had a good time with family
    117 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    117 days ago
    Honestly, I travelled a lot in the past and have no patience these days for lines and waiting. All of my future travel will be in the U.S. to see our own stuff. No fuss, no muss, no TSA. Glad you had a good trip.
    118 days ago
    I hate traffic.
    118 days ago
  • SUZEEQ13
    I’m glad that you had a good Thanksgiving! I hear you on the spending. When I don’t feel well I tend to spend money like water. As long as it’s not all the time, one day isn’t a problem. Good luck
    118 days ago
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