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The plan for Thanksgiving week

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

It's Thanksgiving week. We all want to navigate this week with no weight gain. With mindful eating, that is possible.

I plan to enjoy one plate of the wonderful Thanksgiving meal. That is one PLATE, not a supersized platter. If not full after that, I might have one piece of pumpkin pie.

Hey folks, for the most part it's food we can enjoy any time, like mashed potatoes, squash, green beans or whatever else is on the menu. Turkey and dressing at my house are normally reserved for Thanksgiving, so I will be sure to enjoy that. Watch the gravy and sauces.

It's the festive air and the comaraderie with those most dear that make that meal so special. We linger around the table, not wanting the enjoyment to end. That does not mean we have to keep nibbling while lingering. Grab a cup of coffee and continue enjoying the company.

And if things don't go as you plan, cut yourself some slack. It's one day out of your whole life. Enjoy it. (And remember how uncomfortable it feels to stuff.)

So what has my eating plan looked like leading up to this "feast" day? I am mindfully keeping the rest of the week in check, being careful to eat well and towards the bottom of the calorie range in the days before (though that shouldn't be necessary if I eat smart on Thanksgiving).

So WHY did I have pizza yesterday? Pizza always puts my weight up. I like pizza. I love melted cheese. I love the toppings. I didn't plan to have pizza. Someone came home with pizza last night. Oh, my. Did I have to eat it? Probably not. Could I stop at one piece? Yep. Did I stop at one piece? No. Now that's something I am working through so I handle it differently in future. I did not pig out. (I can hear IndyGirl saying, One piece of pizza is less calories than two. Absolutely right.)

It's only one day, one meal. No negative reaction here. I am enjoying my journey. I do not plan to cut out anything that I like but I will practice portion control and do better planning of WHEN I eat it.

This morning I was overjoyed to see I was down 0.2 pounds. Feeling gratitude. Splash that happiness around.

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