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Intuitive Eating . . . intuitively

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

I don't think that intuitive eating is "the way, the truth and the light" for everyone.

Absolutely not. We are each and absolutely an experiment of one. Pretty much by definition, we can only be intuitive for ourselves. About ourselves.

For example, maybe Beck's 7 questions work better for people less rebellious -- less of a brat -- than I am! Ditto all the weighing and measuring and no sugar no flour rules in Susan Peirce Thompson's Bright Line Eating. And: it's about whatever works.

And when it comes to IE, there's the further proviso: what works now might not have worked in the past.

What works now might not work in the future.

Faith, hope and charity.

Faith is all about what worked in the past. In the past we had confidence and trust. When we were learning to walk and bumped down on our bottoms, our confidence was not affected at all. We just got right up and tried again.

A number of people have expressed a desire to "try" intuitive eating, but lack faith in their ability to do so.

Of course, exercising the trust muscle is just like exercising the biceps. When I started my program of 4 sets of 10 full push ups, I could not do even 1 full push up. I began with push ups from the knees. Adding in gradually 1 full push up per set, then 2 . . . and so on.

And: at this point in my own life I'm more interested in strengthening my trust muscle than in armouring myself with iron-clad resistance muscles -- the no no no no no muscles don't help me practice loving kindness to myself.

Hope is all about what might work in the future. I don't know if IE is going to continue to work for me . . . I hope it will. Because of everything I've tried it seems to contribute most to my mental health and the integration of body, mind and spirit for ME!

But . . .of faith, hope and charity, we know that the greatest of these is charity. Caritas. Love.

Aristotle says virtue exists only in action. In the present moment.

And: charity begins at home. With loving kindness to ourselves in the present moment.

What's loving kindness? For me it seems to be the kind of kindness that "keeps the faith" in my inner confidence, which if I'm attentive it is always there and only one thought away. And about sustaining my hope that this will continue to be supportive for me in the future.

But: kindness is always situational.

An excerpt from a recent conversation with a good Sparkie friend:

"We never do find that "mental sweet spot" once and for all because it keeps shifting and changing contextually. In the present moment.

There's no there there . . . and that's OK. Keeps us attentive to the here and now!!β€œ
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