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WOW!! A FOODIE Day shows how much I've improved!!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

I started off the day eating breakfast (I ALWAYS do) showering (LOL a NECESSARY sometimes 2 times a day!) and than I went to the grocery store. I did walk there in the COLD and it's POURING OUT ALL DAY LONG!! It was 34 with a wind chill of 28.

It's not a long walk!! Once outside (takes me 2 mins to get out using the stairs, 3 or 4 if elevator) but, I am only 2 1/2 or 3 mins from the grocery store. FASTER than by car!! I got the stuff I wanted to make a home made chili!! YUMMY!!

A neighbor had surgery for carpal tunnel and more to do with her hand/wrist. So she's a HURTING Unit and lives alone. Her kids are over a lot and grandkids, so they help her as they can. Today though she was on her own. So I made chili for myself and corn muffins, knowing she can't cook, I saw her at the grocery store so I offered to share with her. LOLOL She's a TWIT (I say that with a LOT of love,,, but she IS A TWIT!! LOLOL) I wanted to see if the chili was ok by others standards so I took some downstairs to have others in the community room taste it,,, they LOVED it. PHEW!! WOOHOO!! So I figured she'd NOT have some remark about my cooking. The corn muffins turned out very well also.


Years ago when I made this I used a LOT more meat!! NO need for that now!! I also back then in my feeding frenzy days would eat 2 1/2 - 3 cups at a meal, and 3 or 4 corn muffins!!

Now? A 1/2 cup serving and 1 corn muffin!!

Oh yeah,,, I've been CRAVING EGGNOG something FIERCELY!!

BUT!!! I'd DRINK the ENTIRE QUART No doubt in 2 days MAYBE 1!! That's a total of 1,440 cals!! YO!! I saw though that Friendly's had Eggnog ICE CREAM!! Now Ice cream I CAN Control how much I eat. So my EYES SPARKLED And I DANCED RIGHT THERE IN THE GROCERY STORE AISLE!!


I excitedly came home (I think I made it in 50 seconds!) and Grabbed my measuring cup ,, a 1/2 is a serving for 140 cals,,, and a little bit of a fancy glass (not really! LOL I got it at the Dollar Store in case a guest wants wine!) and transferred it to that!! Ate it with taster spoon!! It's so tiny, but that just made the ice cream last longer and Oh I did I ever SAVOR IT!! YUMMY!!

I did do a total of 130 mins of exercise though so I did burn off calories. WOOHOO!!

for visiting my blog!! It was a FOODIE Day, but OH the IMPROVEMENTS I've made over time! My place stills smells AWESOME at midnight!!

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