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What is a habit?

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Habit: a continual, often involuntary or unconscious inclination to perform an activity, acquired through frequent repetition.

It occurred to me as I stood on my scales this morning and was stunned to see yet, another increase that I NEED to really understand the definition of the word......HABIT. You see, my life has changed drastically since I lost weight and reached my normal BMI range goal a few years ago. I no longer am in control of my food preparation since moving into senior living. Although the food is portion controlled it is a plentiful and full course meal. Pre-senior living days I rarely ever offered up desserts, soup and full salad bar. I also live with a DH that still has the eating habits of his 20 year old self with nighttime snacking to the MAX......and never anything healthy. It's so easy for me to "point" my finger at someone or something else to place blame on my weight increase but, I have to realize when I do point my finger I still have three other fingers pointing back at ME! I maintained my weight for such a long time. But, how often do we hear......"reaching your goal is NOT a destination but, a lifestyle change"

Oh my! I now realize that I have developed a nightly "habit" that is sabatoging my efforts to maintain!!!
It was soooooo easy to fall into this trap..... "unconscious inclination to perform an activity, acquired through frequent repetition". Tracking my food intake daily is the tell-all activity and the true eye opener of your daily consumption. I am committed to get back to doing this routine of tracking and make it a must do HABIT!! My goal is to cease my night time mindless ritual that is dragging me down and pledge to replace it with a new healthier habit.
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  • LOIS_1950
    Diane, no I'm not really hungry ......that's why I am saying it is just a BAD habit I have developed! But, last night was a success......had dinner at 5 p.m. NO DESSERT! And, at 10:30 ate an orange. I was perfectly fine afterwards. Phew!!!!
    508 days ago
    I agree with Gracie, very highly please ask for an accountability buddy. I am in with 2 other members and YO!! It's AWESOME the SUPPORT we are getting from each other.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that you realize how much tracking helps us out. I NEED to BREAK the "oh if I go over it's okay" mindset. Though for the challenge if I had said "maintenance" I'd be WOOHOO, but I WANT to lose!! A few years ago I weighed in at 158 and now? 174!! YO!! That's A LOT of weight!!

    Are you snacking at night because of hunger? Or because it looks good? Smells good?

    If hunger, why not grab a piece of fruit? Yogurt (I like greek), cottage cheese or veggie?

    If its because it looks or smells good,,,,,, I am around that OFTEN though not at home, I am out with friends a number of times, and they love to stop and get stuff to eat. I usually just get a drink (it's cold out, so right now I'll get a hot chocolate, but NO sweets, meals as they do) this way I still have the flavor of something I totally enjoy, but I always eat a good breakfast. So I am not hungry.

    If you are hungry, but ate a few hours ago, and ate well enough,, is it hunger or perhaps thirsty? It's amazing how many times I want something to eat, when in fact I am just thirsty.

    TY for blogging about this!! It's such a good blog and many can learn from you.

    508 days ago
  • GRACIE749
    You have come to the AH/HA moment and it is a scary feeling. We have all been there probably several times. I hope you don't use those 3 fingers to point at yourself - again we have all been there, but use that emotion to set a plan to get back to your normal BMI again. My biggest saboteur is night-time eating. It must be hard living with someone who can eat anything and not show it, but I KNOW you can do it. It is never too late to sign up for a holiday accountability buddy to help you over the hurdles. emoticon
    509 days ago
    I'm right there with you. We need to consciously do the necessary adjustments for this to work for us! As you said, I also have a hubby who is an athlete, can eat whatever he wants and who weighs less than when he got married 42 years ago! Not me. I hit my normal BMI and stayed in the middle of it for 2 years! And then, boom! I started overcompensating situations and here I am with 17 extra pounds. Can't be! Back to basics that always help us!
    509 days ago
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