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Day 18 of no sugar and no flour and never felt better 3 things I am grateful for Nov 22 2019

Saturday, November 23, 2019

What an amazing day - so glad to be alive and to be living the life I am living.

So glad I found this program with respect to eating - I believe it is saving my life as it has after just 18 days improved my health a lot. I would recommend this to anyone - take a look at the book Bright Line Eating by Susan Peirce Thompson - and if you have questions please come and email me - no better than now to start improving your health - this is not a diet - it is lifestyle - lots of good healthy food, never feel hungry between meals and those cravings just disappear - but I know that should I have some sugar I would fall back off as any addictions work that way - so if anyone believes they might have a problem with sugar consider this program - send me an email and I will gladly support you on this journey - you will never feel better - but it is your choice as it was mine.

I had thought today (Day 18) might be a bit of a challenge. We went to lunch with our 1st born child who was passing through on her way home from taking an update re accounting for the ranch they own. So I needed to do some creative planning in order to stay on plan.

So what I did was I looked at the maintenance plan for this program. And I developed a meal plan for today with the hope that the restaurant would be willing to make what I was asking ( I actually had 2 plans ready for the restaurant) The restaurant was happy to make the lunch that I wanted so all is well. I stayed on plan with today being on maintenance and tomorrow is back to the weight loss part of the program. Do I love this program - sure do - it is very doable and if anyone is ready and willing to make changes, taking it one day at a time, this is the way to go. I don't see any problems getting right through December with all the 'celebration' with so much food around and not staying on plan - I am going to be on plan all of December - why - because I like how I am feeling - and before you know it I will be looking so different due to the weight that I will be releasing. So looking forward to looking in the mirror and seeing me the way I used to look (at a healthier weight) just a bit older.

As I mentioned today is Day 18 - 2 weeks 4 days into the program and my scale says I have released 14.5 pound - am just amazed at that. I just looked back to last week and I had lost 1.5 pounds from weigh in Tuesday till Friday and this week from weight in Tuesday till today I have lost 1.5 pounds - am wondering if this might mean that I am on track to having another good weigh in on Tuesday -- I am trying not to jump for to my joy yet but it seems look like that. One thing I have discovered that should I weigh at night just before bed ( or around 10 pm) that whatever that number is that my morning weight would be about 2 pounds lighter. On saying that tonight I decided to have a look and saw that my weight tonight was what I weighed on Tuesday morning so if what has happened before I should be just over 2 pounds lighter tomorrow. I really am not getting hung up on numbers but am just amazed at how the changes are looking. I have not had a night time weight as what it says tonight for a long time - like maybe 20 years, maybe even a little longer.

My sore mouth - pretty much cleared up but have one spot that is really bothering me tonight - my prayer tonight is that while I sleep and relax that more healing will take place - and it might also be acting up bit due to the little bit of change in the food today - all no sugar no flour but just a bit different

Scripture verse I would like to share today is

Psalm 27:13-14 (ESV)
I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!
Wait for the Lord: be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!

3 things I am grateful for today are

(1) grateful that the Lord woke me up this morning

(2) grateful that I am losing weight

(3) grateful that I was able to have an enjoyable healthy lunch with our 1st born (can't believe she is 50 already)

My streaks to date are as follow

Day 62 of logging onto Sparkpeople

Day 62 of tracking all my food and water

Day 62 of reading the Bible each day with my husband

Day 18 of going no sugar, no flour as per the BLE guidelines

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