Once Upon a Time...a Tale of Three Scales

Friday, November 22, 2019

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Hi, Friendski's,
'Tis that time of last visit to Mrs. Doc for 2019.
This morning MY scale said 240....which was a relief because, after it had touched clear down to 236 1/2 last week (for the first time in at least 2 years), I had a 'white flour' weekend and sent the scale back up to 242...RIGHT before my doctor appointment.
So I scurried to watch my calorie intake, and got it back down to at least 240. so....phew...even though I wish HER SCALE said I was in the 230's.

It is also the time of month where I jump a few pounds, so it only being 240 is a good sign, too.

But Mrs. Doc's scale said I was 244. hmph. (I thought it was going to be 242.)
And what's worse, is that she said I lost FOUR pounds since I was there last.
I'm upset because I THOUGHT I was 254 in September, lol, but she says I was 248 then, and 254 in June.
So for her, it was only a four pound loss.
I thought it was going to be about 10 pounds are more. lol

Hubby is very encouraging to me and said that four pounds is great, and that I've been going in the right direction for the last three appointments. yeah, yeah, yeah.
He actually gained some this time, because of job-search stress.

He doesn't like my scale and wanted me to use his complicated one (the kind with the BMI stuff on it as well), saying it is more accurate. That idea stressed me out because I didn't need to hear a WORSE number, or my positive attitude would crumble....that's just how I am.

So I grudgingly agreed and we both weighed ourselves. When he got on, it weighed HIM less than the doctor's scale, even though it matches the YMCA scale.

Then I got on and it weighed ME at 239! OF ALL THINGS!

w h a t e v e r!

So anyway, A FOUR POUND LOSS FROM SEPTEMBER. I will have to take it.

The new things I'd added beginning in September were:

1. Walking an extra 600 steps after dropping the neighbor children at the bus stop 4 days a week. I take the long way back to the house.
2. I've been watching tv in the evening while sitting on one of those large balls, and working my abs, and leg muscles and arms while I sit.
3. I've been drinking pineapple juice with squirts of lemon and cayenne pepper. It satisfies the sweet tooth really well. The HEAT from the pepper kind feels like the carbonation from pop, and the drink suppresses my appetite and burns calories.
4. I'm being more careful with my 'white' food.
5. I keep a supply of protein bars, since I don't usually get enough protein.

I also rebound, but didn't list it because I haven't focused on it for a few weeks.

*in February, I was at 260 (including water retention) and today my scale says 240 (which includes ' my Monthly weight gain. I also saw 236.5 on the scale last week. So that's about 25 pounds of difference I've seen on my own scale this year. YEA!!!!

THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'VE EVER LOST MORE THAN 20 LBS. I am really excited about that, I feel like it's a break-through in knowledge and experience and action.

Btw, I will confess, that when I began Spark in 2009, I was around 206 pounds. So I've actually been through a upward journey over the years. Twenty to thirty of those pounds were gained from lack of my thyroid medication, the others were by lack of knowledge and application. So, ten years later, I'm gaining ground, not pounds. :)

Okay, so that was the weight.

My blood work came back good, as well. Thyroid functioning well. And my cholesterol...well the bad was just SLIGHTLY too high, and the good was just SLIGHTLY too low.
I've been drinking apple-cider vinegar each night. And that is usually very good for sugar levels and cholesterol. Blood pressure was nothing to freak about. Still need the meds.

So, it looks like I'm on the right track!

P.S. My ankles haven't been swollen for about one month! Woohoo!
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