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Friday, November 22, 2019

November 22, 1963 saw an American President assassinated in Dallas, Texas, with a gunman in the Texas Schoolbook Depositary supposedly the only perpetrator of the crime. That gunman was himself killed two days later, in police custody, so he never got to testify further about anything he might have known about. 56 years later, and the doubts persist whether that was all there was to that particular story.

I have a hate/love relationship with conspiracy theories, mostly landing on the hate side, because there are a lot of nutjobs out there peddling nutjob whackadoodle theories, some bubbling up from the worst corners of the internet, some springing from russian troll farms, etc. But every once in a while, you find yourself stopping and wondering and pondering something that seems crazy, but...

The JFK assassination fits into that category for me, and its perhaps because I came across it at a young age, first hearing about the alternate theories as far back as middle school. This wasn't something I read on the internet, as that publicly accessible portion of that had not yet made an appearance at that time. So it was something I probably read in a library book, something I sought out as a kid interested in history, in presidents, in moments that changed lives. So that particular seed was planted very early, and I remember subsequently writing school assignments on it in both high school and later in college. The grassy knoll, the "magic bullet", the Zapruder film were all fascinating to me.

But here I am, another 25 years down the road, and Oliver Stone's JFK movie is decades in the past now, and...the fascination/"wondering what if" stage has largely passed. The evidence for an alternate explanation never holds up unless you're willing to tie yourself in a pretzel know to overlook the inconsistencies. That's something that's easy if you're a true believer, I suppose, but I was a mere skeptic. I don't know if I'll ever fully subscribe to the official version that one guy did it, acting all by his scrawny lonesome self, because, after all, his murder two days later was so very convenient, but...it could have happened that way, I suppose.

(and as i typed that sentence, I feel weirdly disappointed in myself somehow, like I let that kid fascinated by the alternate possibilities down or something...I might have to see if that JFK flick, or any JFK assassination conspiracy documentary is on netflix)
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    I remember that day. Was a terrible terrible day.
    12 days ago
    I think he was killed because of what he was doing and they didn't want him to
    12 days ago
    it was a long time ago now, but i was reading a robert ludlum book in the 80s and was so surprised to discover he presented yet another theory (at that time i'd never heard of) about JFK. i still recall all these years later how hard it made me laugh at the time, since i wasn't expected a JFK "explanation" woven into a spy novel.

    i think a lot of people who have always enjoyed trying to solve who-done-it mysteries love conspiracy theory's (true or not) to figure it out--kind of like enjoying DuoLingo.
    12 days ago
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