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No Shame

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

What a relief we feel when we give in and let the tears flow. Whether we are feeling overwhelmed with elation, heartbreak or grief. Tears come from the soul, from that well of feelings that arise from our very depths. When we give in to the prickling behind our eyes and the lump in our throat, we are allowing our feelings to surface to be set free.

Tears fall for different reasons. Tears of relief when we hear that a loved one has survived an ordeal. They fall when we bow our heads in sorrow over a loss or death. Tears born from heartache can flow as if they'll never stop, whether our tears are for a love that is over, a friendship lost, or an opportunity missed. We shed tears because of disappointment in ourselves, tragedy in the world, pain, and illness. Tears of anger can burn with emotion as they fall down our faces.

Shedding tears sometimes makes us feel better, although it feels like they'll never end once the floodgates are open. There is no shame in letting tears flow freely and frequently. Tears are as natural to us as is breathing. There is beauty in allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to shed tears. So, open up, release your tears, and let your feelings flow.

After a good night's sleep, I'm back to feeling somewhat normal. WOW, When I said I was down for the count yesterday I was down for the count.
It wasn't so much the rough day at work but being the empath I am I was under HEAVY sorrow. Somewhere someone was having a heartbreak. I have never felt that kind of sorrow and it certainly wasn't for myself. Everything in my world is fine.
So now, today I'm feeling drained from the heaviness of it but I think it has passed.

This morning, I'm rested physically and up doing what I normally do. Certainly hoping for a lighter day.

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