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Things I Know For Sure

Sunday, November 17, 2019

You Create Your Life.

You and only you have the greater influence over your life. You are either consciously creating your life with awareness, or you are manifesting from an unconscious, helter-skelter, confused, and/or disorganized place. Either way, you are always in “creative mode.”

MY QUESTION TO YOU. Are you consciously creating your life, or allowing it to take you wherever it leads and then feeling bad that you don’t have the life you want?

We tend to think that every thought we have is something that is overflowing with truth, is correct and is worth taking action. This is not the case. Thoughts are merely suggestions, to be considered, but not necessarily to be acted upon. Remember, just because you had a thought doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a good one!

Things Are Changing…Right Now…and Now-Again.

As I’ve said many a time to people who are feeling stuck and thinking that their lives are never going to change, “Things may appear to be the same, but they never are. Things are consistently changing every minute, every hour, and every day. Things are always moving, subtly shifting until one day you wake up to the realization that you are in a different place. Take heart. Things are changing.”

MY QUESTION TO YOU, Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What actions do you need to take to “be the change?”

Knock Fear Out of the Way.

Did you know that fear actually has a purpose?
Its purpose is to promote survival. The “fear” gene has been passed down since from the begin of time here on Planet Earth.

Without fear, we’d walk up to a lion, with outstretched hand attempting to pet it or feed it only to experience a very unfavourable outcome. I think you would agree, it’s important to determine those situations when fear is useful and when it’s simply getting in your way and weighing you down.

MY QUESTION TO YOU. What will you do to knock fear out of the way?

For those who are working on increasing their health by becoming the healthiest you, you can be and let go of your excess weight you are in danger of not doing so when your red light foods are lingering in your cupboards, fridge or on kitchen counters. Get rid of them! Give them away, throw them out if need be! This frees you of the temptation that zaps your energy, energy that could be used for a far more fruitful outcome!

As I mentioned, this may sound like a weight-loss truth, weight loss tip, but it can and should actually be applied to “Life In General.” Anything that you are housing that is wearing you down, getting in your way, stopping you from achieving your goals, should be looked at and tossed when and as often as possible.

For example Too much television, then limit it (I know that very few of us are going to actually, literally toss our sets.)

MY QUESTION TO YOU. What are you housing, holding onto that is zapping your energy, weighing you down, getting in the way of you achieving your goals and manifesting your desires?

Well, the clock is ticking, and I need to shift into“manifest mode.” If you are curious to know what I am manifesting today, here is my list: clean house, 20 minutes on step-climber, loving relationships, healthy meals, and time outdoors.

MY QUESTION OT YOU. And you? What will you consciously create/manifest today?

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    Good questions. And, sometimes I am lazy about life and I MISS the chance to be in control. Good reminder to take that chance.
    25 days ago
    We have so much control over how our lives shape up! My DD and I were just discussing this yesterday. She is feeling rather helpless right now, but I helped her see what things she CAN control! She felt better.
    25 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    25 days ago
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