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NOVEMBER 15th~lovely day

Saturday, November 16, 2019

The ole Early to bed..Early to rise...that needs to be my new motto and mantra!
The pups are determined to get me up at 5ish. No matter how late I put them out..as soon as there is any indication of dawn..it is time to get up Mum! Seriously thinking to invest in black out curtains.
This is an issue for a self declared Night Owl! I have always done better at evening and night time hours..Thus the 20+year career as a Night RN..exercise at 9, 10 or midnight has always been my favorite time. My whole world is now upside down. I am seriously making an effort to go to bed and to sleep earlier. Gives a whole new meaning to the idea of rustling about in the bed. Tried Sleepy Time Tea, meditation, lights out , and find that reading till my Kindle hits me in the head..usually around 2AM is my best way to go to sleep. Not one to give up..I am now thinking of a plan..exercise like crazy around 8PM...then go to bed 9ish.. Unlike many folks I have always been able to go right to sleep after exercising, it relaxes me! Abbynormal in a normal world ..reckon thas me!
Molly has continued to chew like crazy..those teeth are slowly coming in. when she yawns it is like looking at the Big Bad Wolf's mouth..that gal has an impressive set of teeth! Yet she has learned to take treats and bites of food as gently as can be. I can hold a treat, tell her no and although she will actually drool and gaze at it passionately she will not take it. She is not a door dasher, she is not a floor cleaner upper and is a big cuddle bug. This dog knew what was supposed to happen that day at the shelter when she looked at me with those eyes that said...Choose me..I am for you! She was/is so right!
Speaking of which..she is bunked up and snoring, as are the Littles..reckon I better jump on board that ship and sail away to slumberland too!
A quiet day here on the farm, till sundown when the coyotes begin to bark and howl! That I believe was what put Molly on the deck the other night..a coyote out in our West pasture. There seems to be one that has decided to use that field as a route to the nights hunts.We saw it during the twilight hours the other day.
Night ya'al...have a wonderful Sunday!

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