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Just a short note.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Yes, just a short note today to clear up yesterdays blog. I am not leaving here, it is the other sites that I am leaving behind, take for instance FB, there isn't really any good there any way, just always stuff that is forwarded, and no long do the jig saw puzzle, and the Mah Jong, as they get me no where. But my friends here, mean the world to me, so I AM NOT LEAVING. Sorry, you all are going to have to put up with me. lol

Hubby wanted to go to Walmart today, cause he was out of NiteQuil, and of course heaven forbid that he doesn't get his nightly fix, so off the 3 of us went. Merlin of course, saw my purse and was not letting me out of the house without him. So dashed over, and I also got all the pet food that I was getting low on, and would have had gone over anyway, so now I don't have to think about running to the store for at least a week. Hubby should be all set for a week, milk, Frosted Flakes, NiteQuil, nose spray, cookies, popcorn, and such. I learned years ago that as far as those things go, that there is always a Plan B, but hubby not so much. lol Men just aren't very flexible.

Well, can't watch my soap again today, due to the impeachment hearings, boy, wonder what that is costing us U. S. people. Let's get some of the other important things settled, like health care, immigration, etc. Not that the world revolves around my story, that is not the point, so don't think I am that shallow, but the fact of instead of doing the business that they were elected to handle, that they are using their time for impeaching a president. Well, was always told, you don't talk about politics, and religion, so better move on.

This is it for me today, so you all take care and have a GET day, and prepare for the weekend. Linda

PS: Harvest is DONE, now just to get everything put away.
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