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Doctor mentality and your life

Thursday, November 14, 2019

So the other day my brother's cardiologist here in the hospital goes on a lecture of how diet soda is good because you're not getting all that sugar. That's all well and good but I'm sick of that garbage from doctors and dietitians and diabetic educators. They fail to realize not everyone is on that band wagon or why. #1 I have migraines and have yet to eat or drink anything with an artificial sweetener that didn't give me a massive migraine within 5 minutes of consuming said ingredient. So theres no way I'm ever going to intentionally put that in my body. #2 I'm trying to eat less chemically processed foods. I'm reading labels and all. Trying to go natural. It's a challenge because of other health issues but some doctors refuse to look at the whole picture. Foods I used to eat without a care, hurt my stomach so bad or cause severe pain, cramping and diarrhea. Not a fun thing. So I eat those foods in limited quantities if at all. The last salad hurt me for 6 full days and nights. I was so miserable. Try explaining that to a doctor who discounts everything you say. The last one that I saw I basically called him a few names and never returned. I've dieted my entire adult life and almost all of my teenage years. I'm 65 and sick of the diet industry. I consider myself on a lifestyle change. That means eating better and more natural foods plus exercising by walking or other activities. If you have multiple health issues you know what a challenge it can be. My advice to everyone no matter their age is eating healthy, limit over processed foods, move more, alot more. Walking, jogging, running, hiking riding a bicycle, walking with Leslie Sansone walking videos, any type of exercise. Just to it. If you're young start now and never stop. Enjoy life NOW! we are not guaranteed a tomorrow, or even later in the day. Life can change in an instant. Like 9/21 I was talking to my brother and two minutes later he coded and was dead for 18 minutes before they could restart his heart. Your life is very precious. Accept your shortcomings and bad habits and start making changes. They don't have to be drastic, you can ease into changes. Slow and steady can help keep the weight off permanently. I found that after years of fad diets and quick fixes. No diet is one size fits all. You have to tweak it as you go. Find what works for you. Sensible portion sizes. Eat the rainbow. Don't leave out whole food groups. Eat a variety of good foods. Allow yourself a small splurge of a favorite just make sure to adjust your foods to allow coverage of those calories. Measure and weigh your foods. Always watch portion sizes. Go for the least processed foods. Have fun. Do things you enjoy doing so you don't dread doing it. Get your entire family involved. Granted not everyone will want to but find ways to do things together that keep you moving. Since I've been staying at the hospital I've been doing a few of my brother's physical therapy exercises myself. Plus I go outside or even walk inside the hospital. The fresh air is good for your mental health. I use my walking out in nature as a walking prayer and make sure to correct my posture and breathe deeper. I watch my pace and try to alternate some quicker paced walking in with my regular walking. When i started my journey in 2008, i was barely able to walk from the car to the house. I had died from complications of gallbladder surgery. I was determined. It was January and I started walking room to room in the house building up my strength. Then when temperatures warmed up and the road was clear I started outside. I was slow. It hurt to move and just going next door to visit my aunt and uncle felt like a major accomplishment especially since they had 2 steps into the house. I love to walk. I tried jogging but my lungs and body said nope. I was never a runner but I tried and it didn't work. I walk as much as my body will allow. I rest when my body says stop. Listen to your body. That was my biggest challenge because I thought I should do more. I pushed myself too far. I have arthritis in all my joints, fibromyalgia, migraines, asthma, diabetic on oral meds, high blood pressure, two traumatic brain injuries plus a few more concussions, two screws in my left knee, my right knee hyperextended, wet macular degeneration and possibly glaucoma but the drops burn like acid and cause eye pain. I'm also still in recovery mode from an automobile accident that bruised my chest and internal areas, whiplash and a sprained right shoulder. Now my left shoulder is giving me trouble because I couldn't lift 5 pounds with my right. My right ankle is giving me fits probably the large bone spurs on top of my feet and my heels acting up. Giving up is not an option I allow but I modify activity to fit my current pain levels. I miss the gym but my body can't handle it right now. Love yourself now. Make peace with yourself. You can do this. We are all in this together. I love my Sparkpeople friends and their support.
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