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A COLD Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Well, we are in the freezer for sure now. It was -4 degrees this morning when I went out to do chores, and the snow was really crunchy under foot. And every breath from every animal were little white puffs. and they were all in their places but were ready to return to the protection of the building when done eating. Good thing the wind wasn't blowing 60 mph or it would have really been miserable out there, but in was not bad, and a little refreshing. But would really like it a little less refreshing.

Also this morning I start to get the tunnel vision that goes along with the migraines, and those wicked dizzy spells, so took my pill right away, and I got ahead of it before and head ache and dizzies kicked in. Just tired and sort of mellow from the pill, so I don't see getting much done today, those things just wipe we out, but hey, they work and it is so much better than does dizzies that make me crawl to the bathroom cause there is no way I can stand. So I am glad I got done what I got done yesterday. Life does seem to take care of itself, if you let it.

So take care, and have a GET day for me. Me, not going to do much. Linda
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