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Day 7 and feeling so good / 3 things I am grateful for today November 11 2019

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Well the day is coming to an end, supper has been cooked and eaten, dishwasher is going, and am now taking some time to sit and reflect on the day and the last week. It has been so amazing to say the least.

Seven days - the eve of starting to make changes in my life with respect to my weight - I had read up on what I wanted to do, prayed about it and came to the conclusion it was what I needed to do. A few days prior to this having read through about this program (Bright Line Eating) I thought I would take a look at my pantry and fridge to see how many foods I had that had 'labels' and what they said re sugar. The pantry was not too bad - a couple of cans of Campbell Tomato Soup (which surprised me that the 1st 3 ingredients included sugar) but as I am not someone that loves this soup no problem. Then looked at the fridge - and low and behold there were 4 bottles of salad dressing that all have sugar in the 1st 3 ingredients and then there is my husbands favorite sauce for putting on just about everything that also has some in it.

So when I decided I was definitely going to start this program I mentioned to my husband that the sauce he so loved I could no longer have. I shared with him what my intentions were with respect to eating from now on. He agreed it sounded good and would support me. He loves to cook so we discussed how that would work with this program. As for the vegetables - he always made vegetables but not many at all - not at all near what I needed to eat on a daily basis. So when he cooks, I measure out the vegetables that I need for the meal and put them in a pot and then top them off with some for him and daughter. As for the protein, for supper we eat a lot of chicken - our favorite - so we now have a new indoor smokless BBQ which is fairly large and we have it sitting on our cupboard (we have a fairly large kitchen). So when it comes to cooking the chicken pretty much in the last 7 days, 6 suppers have included chicken and was homemade stew. So when it came to cooking the chicken we have grilled it - mine with lots of garlic and chili powder and his with the sauce he likes. He also knows that should he want to 'stir fry' with this sauce that is ok - but mine will either be baked or grilled. We have decided that that is no problem.

Along with this all my food has to be measured - I have a digital scale sitting by the stove for this purpose. So when it comes to plating the food, I measure out my 8 - 10 oz vegetables, put it on my plate, then I get the potatoes that have been boiled and measure out 4 oz and plate it and then the protein. Meanwhile he takes the rest of the potatoes and mashes them for my daughter and him. So all work out well.

Well on Tuesday November 5 2019 (last week) when I plated my supper my sweet husband looked at the amount of food on the plate, especially all the vegetables and said 'If you eat like that every night are you sure you are going to lose' and my answer was 'I have been told by this plan that yes I would.

So every night prior to going to bed I take out my journal and write down what I am going to eat the next day - I ask hubby what he would like to supper the next night and we usually say 'chicken' (but this week we are changing it up a bit as we will have meatloaf one night and salmon another - hopefully) Well morning rolled around, got remembering what I had weighed the day before when I went to TOPS, I got on my bathroom sale and say that I was down. Felt good. Then I got out my food journal and prayed over it asking for the strength to just that day stay on plan' - and I had the strength to do so. Did the same that night and the following morning and once again noticed I had lost some more weight.

So this morning when getting up I got to thinking - for 6 days I have been completely on plan - did not have any sugar or flour. So I got on the scale and my eyes grew big - my scale said I was down 9.1 pounds - I just couldn't believe it. Now I know that when I weigh in tomorrow if my scale does like has for the last 6 days it will show me down 10.1 pounds but I know that the TOPS scale is about 1 pound different so my official weight tomorrow should be around 9 - 10 pounds from last Tuesday. To me that is amazing - and I am so over the moon.

Sitting here thinking about that it got me to thinking - what is going to happen this coming week - because I have lost so much in Week 1 will I have a gain? will I remain the same weight for a week or could I possibly have a gain. I didn't like how my mind started going to the negative - so I put a stop to it. I took it to the Lord, felt peace surround me and knew that as long as each morning I get up with a prepared plan for the day and pray asking for strength to get through the day with staying faithful to this plan that all will be good.

I have gone to a large group (by large I think the one group has over 10,000 members doing it) and started to read messages - and I asked about how I was feeling. Those that have followed this plan for over 10 years have assured me that if I am on plan every day that most everyone will lose consistently 1 - 2 pounds every week and then when they hit goal weight they get to add back some more grain in order to maintain rather than lose. And a lot have shared that they have lost well over 100 pounds (which I need to do) and that they have lost is all within 12 - 18 months and have kept it off. So am feeling more confident - am ready to have another good week remembering not to think about what the scale will read in 7 days but just to eat on plan for just the one day and let tomorrow take care of itself.

So am I over the moon happy - sure am. Am I feeling any different - you bet. I am already finding that the discomfort re stomach and intestines (I have IBS) has not been there the last 2 days. And that is a big breakthrough for me. I must admit that during this week the digestion problems seem to be resolving themselves as I feel different but have found that about 1 hour before I go to bed that my intestines on one side start saying gently 'hello' but it now only lasts no longer than 5 minutes where 1 week ago I would have to sit back with heating pads on my stomach / intestines to help with the pain and discomfort. Not so now

So yes I am going to continue with eating this way - and am looking forward to getting blood work done in February to see how much everything has improved just by making the change of no sugar and no flour (and losing some weight)

I will be back here again tomorrow night to give an official weight report - and I am so looking forward to sharing it here.

Psalm 121:1-2 says
I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

3 things I am grateful for today are

(1) grateful that I have been saved by grace and that my Lord and Savior loves me unconditionally

(2) grateful that I have had the strength to follow through for 7 days of eating healthy

(3) grateful for the sun, moon and stars that I see each day in the sky

My streaks to date are

Day 7 of being no sugar no flour complaint

Day 46 of blogging my journey here regarding change I am making

Day 51 of logging onto Sparkpeople

Day 51 of tracking all food and water

Day 51 of reading the Bible with my husband

331 steps on my pedometer = I completed 2,000 steps yesterday so am starting over

Virtual Walk Across Canada = Vancouver Island BC
**Port Hardy BC to Port McNeil BC = 27 miles = COMPLETED
**Port McNeil BC to Campbell River BC = 17 miles = 4 miles completed = 13 more to go

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • _SHERRY_
    Sounds like things are going just great! I need to get blogging again - I just look at it and my mind closes right up!
    68 days ago
  • BEDA65
    Such an inspirational blog. I have to admit to you, when I read your plan initially, I was like, "man that would be hard", but I guess no different than me giving up soda. I too am leaning more towards natural foods and not mixes and boxes, but I haven't gone full blown like you. Will definitely research it.

    And you should be "over the moon" about your weight loss, it's amazing!

    emoticon ~B~
    68 days ago
  • COOP9002
    69 days ago
    Can't wait to see your TOPS weight! emoticon

    So glad you have the other BLE group for support. I think it's great when you can interact with people who have already traveled before you and can give you advice not only about losing, but also maintaining successfully. I am already doing significant research on maintaining weight loss - it's never too early to start!

    69 days ago
    Awesome job 👏 👍. Blessings for a wonderful day 👍 😊🙏
    69 days ago
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