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Weigh-In #34

Monday, November 11, 2019

I spent the weekend cleaning and organizing our bedroom some more, trying to get us all moved in. So I got a lot of activity and was moving around a ton, burning a lot of calories and my eating wasn't even that bad, but I still put on a lot of bloat this weekend. I did eat a lot of salt this weekend so that could be it. Getting pretty tired of yo-yoing and not making any forward progress but what do you do.

Starting Weight: 296.6
Last Weigh In: 270.6
Current Weight: 272.4
Weight Lost This Week: +1.8 lbs
Total Weight Lost: -24.2 lbs
going to have to get back to exercising to try to break the yo-yoing cycle.

Starting Body Water: 37.1%
Last Body Water %: 37.6%
Current Body Water %: 37.5%
Body Water Gained: -0.1%
Total Body Water Gained: +0.4%
lost a little bit of body water. I'm sure it was all the salt.

Starting Body Fat: 48.1%
Last Body Fat %: 47.3%
Current Body Fat %: 47.4%
Body Fat Lost: +0.1%
Total Body Fat Lost: -0.7%
ate high fat this weekend, too, so that's probably a factor here.

Starting Muscle Mass: 142.6
Last Muscle Mass: 134.4
Current Muscle Mass: 135.4
Muscle Mass Gained: +1 lbs
Total Muscle Mass Gained: -6.2 lbs
gained a pound of muscle. probably from all the heavy housework I was doing.

so not very good stats this weekend. not going to worry about it too much, just keep moving forward, keep working on losing weight and making some new progress.
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