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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Hi, Everyone! Long time, no see!

While I've been gone, the scale began moving! I won't tell you what it says until it's confirmed by the doctor's scale in a couple of weeks. But I'm pleased!

I've been gone because we've been painting the exterior of our house. Not done yet! Looks like we are hitting cold weather, and we can't paint under 56 degrees. But it's looking nice!

One of my son's, who graduated boot-camp in August, was just promoted to Private First Class. Yea!
My oldest son will make Sergeant come January. Yea!!!
And the other Marine-ish son just left for boot-camp two weeks ago! Ohhhh boy!!!

My year has been strange. In some ways it was as bad as it could get, and in other ways it was incredibly wonderful and productive and emotionally strengthening.
My immediate family is doing VERY well, but some of MY family has had some earth-shattering events which changes the whole dynamics of my siblings and their families.
If you are a prayerful person, please include us all in your prayers. It would basically take a miracle for things to improve.

I will have to catch up on what all ya'll are up to, while I've been busy painting!

Be blessed!

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