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Sad Day With A Fresh Start At End.

Friday, November 08, 2019

When i woke up this morning to see if my pet rat Fatso waiting at the door of his cage which is on the 3rd floor to open it for him so he can walk onto the bed to find out he wasnt even waiting for me to open the cage up for him. Notice he was on the ground floor of his cage which very rarely he is on ground floor to see he was somewhat acting funny. Decided to take him out just incase he forgot his daily route of what he does. He continue to act funny to the point he didnt want to be touch left alone go under the blanket. So i left him be on the bed. Around 8:45am or so decide to see what part of the bed he was on to find out he pass away on the bed to the point everything in me is going awall to the point it is still hard how to explain how i felt at that moment knowing that Fatso always been treated like a baby of what Fatso want Fatso get lol. Now i see his brother Favorite wondering where his brother at knowing that both of them like to sleep together on the bed under the blanket during the day instead of being in the cage 24-7. I promise Fatso before i throw him away i will start fresh to do what i have to do to lose this weight i have. Its like a piece of me is missing cause he usually there pushing me of getting out of bed and stuff. Now he not here to do that anymore i know i will find away to do it and meet my goal of losing weight. Fatso will always be miss. Know this blog came and sound weird / confusion cause i just have alot of stuff running in my head cause he isnt here with me anymore. So here we go this is the 1st step of my new journey to lose weight and do my best to stay on track. This is for Fatso and the other animals i lost in the years and i will NOT give up. Will keep on the path to lose this weight and also meet/make friends as well.
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