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Guidepost #10: Cultivating laughter, song, and dance

Friday, November 08, 2019

We are at the last guidepost of the book "The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are", by Brfene Brown, PhD, LMSW.

We're never more vulnerable than when we're sharing... putting it all out there! What is more vulnerable than singing in public? Or letting someone hear your full-throated laugh? Or dancing like nobody's watching?

These are expressions of so much emotion. They are so personal. But somewhere along the way, most of us learned young to suppress them, at least "in public"! The family joke (that ALICIA363 and I found ourselves giggling over in NYC or on the airplane... observing our behavior) was that we were taught to "sit quietly with our hands in our laps". We got really, really good at that... I'll bet a few of you have, too!

But joy is best expressed in these three elements! Genuine letting ourselves experience joy, from the head down to our toes requires it. And on this trip, I sang (East Side, West Side... boys and girls together... Sweet Rosie O'Grady... my mom's lyrics to the Sidewalks of New York), Alicia danced (ok, made dance poses) at MoMA, and remembered her "form" compliment from her doctor, and we all laughed. Moving to the experience of joy, that balances the sorrow of some moments. And if we are truly going to be authentic, whole-hearted, honest humans, we *do* need to have these in our lives.

After the ten guideposts, what I found MOST fascinating in this book was the description of how Brene Brown does her research, which is a methodology called Grounded Theory, in which there is no hypothesis / proof seeking, in the classic sense. Instead, data is gathered, and inferences drawn... and it is constantly evolving as new data is gathered, and those inferences changed. Really fits in with the experiment of one, doesn't it?

So, my Spark friends. Get out there and seize this one and only Friday, November 8, 2019 we shall ever get. Do it all... the ten in review:

* Authenticity
* Self-compassion
* Resilient spirit
* Gratitude and joy
* Intuition and Trusting Faith
* Creativity
* Play and rest
* Calm and stillness
* Meaningful work
* Laughter, Song, and Dance

Let us LIVE, wholeheartedly, and nurturing ourselves. emoticon emoticon We are worthy of this kind of life, and Life is Good.
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