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Day 3 of no sugar no flour (3 things I am grateful for today November 7 2019)

Thursday, November 07, 2019

I really like what this quote says - it does start with just stepping forward one step at a time. And what a journey it is.

Today I celebrate Day 3 of no sugar and no flour - and it has been a good day. I got up and after the usual routine in the bathroom I decided I would have a look at the scale - Day 3 and 3 pounds down ! ! !

On saying that I know there are numerous people that can't weigh in every day because some days the number might show a gain and that upsets them. I must admit I don't like seeing the number go up but I take it as a grain of salt - the only time I reflect on it is every 7 days - should I gain after 7 days then I take time to reflect on what the week was like - in all areas of my life - and that usually tells me what went wrong - or if it is a good week with the numbers then when I reflect I can see that I need to work on having more weeks similar.

I did some reading up on going sugar and flour free and always gave credit to those that did so thinking it must be very difficult. Giving up 'sugary dessert' or just plain giving up desserts seem so daunting to me. Then I got to thinking of people that I know that have never had a weight problem and took time to reflect on their 'eating'. And what came to mind was that I don't really remember any of them eating on a regular basis 'sugary desserts or any desserts' for that matter. And they always had a balanced plate - usually a lot more vegetables, a salad and a little protein - WOW just what my plan says to eat.

So this plan that I am following does limit the grains at the beginning of releasing weight - and the plan says to have it at breakfast. Truthfully I have not had the breakfast grain so far - Day 1 I transferred it to supper (4 oz of boiled potato no butter), Day 2 again it was at supper. And today Day 3 when I look back at it I had put down 4 oz of boiled potato for supper but did not have it - oops! !. But have not been hungry at all today and each meal was plenty

Breakfast consisted of 2 hard boiled eggs, and 1 orange. It was eaten at 8:30 am

Lunch consisted of 4 oz of grilled chicken and 1 tomato that was 5 oz and 1 orange This was eaten at 12:30

Supper consisted of 4 oz of grilled turkey, 5 oz of mixed vegetables, 2 oz of snap peas and 2 oz of sweet kernel corn - served with 1 teaspoon of butter and lots of garlic This was eaten at 5:30

It is now 8 pm and feeling full - thoughts of snacking not at all there.

Funny thing about supper. I had planned out my meals last night writing them down onto my paper journal. Then this afternoon my sweet DH asked 'how about lasagna for supper' = I looked at him and said with a smile on my face 'I don't eat that' = he looked at me smiled and said 'Oh but I would really like some' and my answer was 'That's ok you and Priscilla (our daughter) can have that BUT I am sticking to my plan.' And he had the biggest smile saying 'I am so proud of you standing up to what you planned - your are going to rock those scales'

Was so nice to see how proud he was of me - mind you as I was a bout to start eating he (without thinking) asked 'Can you have garlic bread with yours?' he didn't offer me any but asked if I can have some = I smiled and said 'I would love some but I don't want to spoil the day by going off plan = maybe after a couple of months following this plan and losing a bunch of weight I will be able to handle 'one bite but just one bite'

I must say I am not finding this going sugar and flour free as hard as I thought it would be. That could be because (1) I plan out the next days food and write it down in my paper journal AND (2) get up in the morning telling myself 'just today - do it just for today' = I am thinking about 2 weeks from now, 1 year from now - just get up and eat sugar and flour free for that day.

Another think I have started to notice is that of going out to eat. For instance on Sunday at 4:30 we go over to our Pastor's home where we meat with about 12 - 15 other people from the church for an hour long discussion on the morning service and then we eat together. Everyone brings something - sometimes it is soup and buns and one week everyone did a pot luck - the food was great. But I am already thinking ahead for this coming Sunday as to how can I go and be in compliance with my program. I am already planning to take a platter of vegetables. Today when I was thinking about I got to thinking I didn't know what protein there would be and I don't really want to take my scale to measure everything. SO what my plans are I will take the vegetable platter to share with everyone. But on Sunday afternoon I am going to grill up 4 oz of chicken and 8 oz of vegetables and then put them in a zip lock container. Then when we go to eat I will be able to put my container into the microwave to heat it up and I will be in compliance. Love it that I thought this through and have already decided that I can go there and still eat according to my plan.

Just read a message from another member doing this program - she is about the same weight as I am and said she just completed 7 days and has lost 7 pounds. And another lady replied that in 14 days she lost 14 pounds and then regularly lost between 1 - 1.5 pounds every week. Oh am I excited - if they can do it I can do it. But I also realize everyone is different and our bodies don't always react the same - but it seems that all that I have talked to that are doing this program are releasing consistently and those that have gotten down to goal weight have been keeping it off - some have said it is over 10 years staying at goal weight - so I am going to continue to work the plan ONE DAY AT A TIME and before I know it I will have lost some good weight. My DH said after supper that he can see me being down 100 pounds by this time next year - oh that would be a blessing - but as I said and I will say it again I am taking it ONE DAY AT A TIME - and if the Lord is willing the weight will come off consistently.

Am going to have to look up in my cookbook and find another recipe - DH has asked for meatloaf and I know there is a recipe for that so I think we will be trying it before 7 days is up.

3 things I am grateful for today are

(1) grateful that I got through one more day of being sugar and flour free

(2) grateful for the clean air my Lord has given me to breath

(3) grateful for the clean water I have been given to drink

Here are my streaks

Day 3 of sugar and flour free

Day 42 of blogging my progress

Day 47 of logging onto Sparkpeople

Day 47 of tracking all food and water

Have accumulated 873 steps that will be going towards to my Virtual Walk Across Canada

Virtual Walk Across Canada - Vancouver Island BC
Port Hardy BC to Port McNeil BC = 27 miles COMPLETED
Port McNeil BC to Campbell River BC = 17 miles = 14 miles walked

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great job staying on plan!

    There is a quote from a Sparkpeople article I have on my page - "Don’t do anything to lose weight you can’t do forever. (Pat Barone)" I really think that is the key to life-long success. Do something that you can stick with long-term as a real lifestyle change, and you will not only lose weight, but keep it off. I will still be doing McDougall in maintenance, just with about 200 more calories than in weight loss mode.

    Good to see you are planning ahead as to how to stay on plan at the Pastor's meeting. Sometimes you just have to bring your own food. You don't have to explain yourself if you don't want to - just say your doctor has you on a special diet. Be strong and take your food, that's exactly what I would do!

    I had a job interview yesterday and they had two big boxes of pizza there for three people! The lady I talked with said they eat all the time in there. I didn't say anything, and she didn't expect me to. She offered me a slice of pizza - during an interview! That's a new one for me! - and I just said I had eaten lunch before coming. She was fine with that. I always bring my food with me to my volunteer job and will continue to when working, so I won't have to worry about temptation. I am not tempted by non-compliant foods, last time I had some (before McDougall) it made me sick! I much prefer eating clean, and you will get to that point too. Those will be the foods you choose first.

    73 days ago
    Great Job
    73 days ago
    Keep Sparking you are doing GREAT.
    73 days ago
  • no profile photo HOTPINKCAMARO49
    Awesome! Way to go!
    73 days ago
    Good job and a great way of thinking. I want to ask how do you go flourless
    73 days ago
  • LOULOU1709
    Keep Up The Good Work!
    73 days ago
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