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Thursday, November 07, 2019

Hello Everyone, a cold one here this morning, it way 3 degrees when I got up and it was 0 when hubby got up. So it was a coat day for sure, but at least the wind was very slight. Did get enough snow yesterday to have it all white. even the grass the was covered, but now it is melting. So this morning hubby didn't need to go to the field so we worked on get the horses and goats ready for winter. Got the hay feeder in the little barn, cut a hole in the panelling so the goats can get thru but the horses can't, so I can feed the horses in their usual place and the horses in their place but can feed hay only in the little barn which they will share. Of course all the goats saw the hole in the fence while we were still working on it, and they all went through right away except one, and it just stood there and bellowed. But good old Wally and Sophie had to come back and see what was wrong and pretty soon they both went back in there pen and showed little Footzer where to go, so when we came in they were all, hoses and goats were all enjoying the first bale of the season. Now to wait until tomorrow to see if they figure out where they will get their grain. That will be a miracle if they figure it out the first day. Right now Larry is taking his nap, and maybe later if it thaws enough that the snow falls off the corn ears they can get a little combined before it get touch again.

As I was reading everyone Else's blog this morning, one was about how everything can go along really nicely and then WHAM something happens to put you in a tail spin. It usually is something small and it just hits at the wrong time, and how it can effect the rest of the day, week, and sometimes longer. And as I told her, one of my things to live by, DON'T LET LIFE EFFECT YOUR LIFE, and I needed that thought today. As we were working on cutting that hole for the goats, we both had a different approach to the same situation and why did I think my way was the right way, when in the end a hole is a hole, so did it hubby's way and it was exactly the same in the end. So I, avoided life getting between us and just let it all work out on it's own. We so just need to sit back and let things work themselves out sometimes. Lesson learned for today.

Hope you all are having a good Thursday, I don't know way but to me it is Saturday and just about missed my soap, not that is that exciting right now. Larry being home and doing odd jobs here instead of in the field makes me think it is Saturday. why, who knows, Life getting in the way of Life? No, it is great to have him here. Still love helping him do things outside, even when it is still in the single digits.

Take care, and don't let those little things interfere with a GET day. Linda
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