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Stop And Smell The Roses

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Stopping to smell the roses

Do you go through entire days without really tuning in to the beauty that surrounds you? Because it's a daily common occurrence, a part of the landscape, a matter of course, we see it without seeing it or really taking it in.

If you have fallen out of the practice of taking time to observe the light as it filters through the leaves of the trees, or a drop of dew on a rose petal or the concentric rings a raindrop makes as it plops into a puddle, you can retune yourself by dedicating a day to noticing the beauty in nature.

The natural world enriches our entire being, channelled through our senses. When we are low, nature lifts our spirits. When we are tired, it rejuvenates us--if we pause long enough to drink in its beauty.

On this day, one possibility is to rise early enough to see the sunrise. Watching the sky change colours and the world emerge from darkness is an experience that will influence the whole rest of your day in ways words cannot describe.

Or simply observe the quality of the morning light as it infuses the world with its particular rich golden beauty. You may let the light play on your own hand, remembering that you are also part of the natural world.

After you devote one day to really opening your eyes to the beauty of nature, you may want to make this part of your daily routine. Each day drink from the beauty all around you and allow it to rejuvenate your entire being. All you have to do is pause for just one minute, and really take it in, remembering to thank Mother Nature for her beauty and that you were able to see another day.

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