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Day 42 of my journey / 3 things I am grateful for today (November 2 2019)

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Have had a good day - and it is now 11:30 pm and I am tired. Hubby just turned the clocks back, gave me a kiss and said 'see you in the morning' = love him to the moon and back

Today has been a good day. Got in my walking - a total of 2,000 steps - so need to update my Virtual Walk Across Canada. Tomorrow I start on fresh for another 2,000 steps - should be able to get in close to 1500 hopefully.

As I have shared in previous blogs I am going sugar / flour free = Day 1 will officially be Tuesday November 5 as that is the day I get weighed. But today I gave it a try to see how much in compliance I could do. Did pretty good I think - and thinking about it more I know I could have done better.

Breakfast was to include 1 protein, 1 breakfast grain, 1 fruit. What I had was 2 hard boiled eggs (1 protein ), 2 oranges. Did not have a grain as I decided I wanted it for supper - gosh already changing it up a bit but will see what happens. Also I had an extra orange so that would be the one from lunch

Lunch was to include 1 protein, 6 oz veggy, 1 fruit, 1 fat. What I had was 1 slice cheddar cheese (took this as my ,), fruit was moved back to breakfast, veggy consisted of a tomato (3 slices), fat consisted of 1 tablespoon mayo AND off plan I had 2 slices of whole wheat bread

Supper was to include 1 protein, 6 oz veggy, 8 oz salad, 1 fat. What I had was 4 oz of chicken grilled on our indoor smokeless BBQ, 6 oz of green beans boiled just a little served with garlic on it and 1 teaspoon butter (fat) and 4 oz of boiled potato (grain from breakfast) DID NOT have a salad = but was very, very full.

Was concerned re the green beans re IBS = but am not having any issue at this time so that is good. DH and I worked good at putting this together - I got out the digital food scale. put a small plate on it and zero'd it out - took out the vegetables measured out 6 oz put them in the pot and the put in extra for hubby also allowing a bit extra in order to make sure the cooked amount would = 6 oz. After cooking the veggs, measured it out again, put it on my plate, then measured out the potato to make sure I got 4 oz (looked smaller than I thought it would be, and then the chicken. The plate was FULL. Told DH - "I don't think I am going to be able to eat all those beans' but I did. But I can see that if I had to eat 8oz of salad on top of that my stomach would hurt.

So tomorrow I am going to look again at the veggys = 6 oz for lunch and 6 oz for supper. I am a bit concerned that having that much might bring on an IBS attack so I tomorrow I am going to go for 3 oz at lunch and 3 oz at supper and with supper have 6 oz of salad and see how my digestive system handles that. If that works I will continue with that for a few days and then increase the veggs up to 4 oz for a few days and see how I feel.

But overall I feel good with what I did - as I said until Tuesday I am testing it out - then on Tuesday I will be ready to work on being more compliant. The big thing for me is to get in a proper portion of vegetables without causing an IBS attack.

It will also be interesting to see 3 days of these changes will make much difference on the scale - but the truth in the pudding will be when I get weighed on Tuesday and then go 7 days on plan and then have a look at the scale.

On a 'funny' note after supper DH looked at me and said 'supper was really good - would you like some desert?' - I looked at him and said 'what?' - he smiled and said 'I was thinking of going out and bringing home 2 slices of cheesecake' = I looked at him, smiled and said 'I don't eat that', he looked at me smiled and said 'hope you can say that in 7 days as I know you like to have something once in awhile to just 'finish off the dinner.' = I smiled again and said, 'I know it is going to be a challenge BUT, do I want the sugar from the desert which in turn gives me headaches OR do I want to feel better?' = he said 'I will remind you of that when you come out and say 'a desert would sure taste good' = boy does he know me or what.

Our 2nd born daughter and her husband have been here for the weekend looking at houses as they are moving back here 'asap' = son in law does not have a job here yet but she does so more than likely daughter and grandsons will move down while son in law will remain back where they are at until he is guaranteed a job here - this has happened before and it has been up to 8 months that they travel back and forth. Hopefully it won't be that long this time around. So looking forward to having them move back. They looked at 10 houses - 5 yesterday and 5 today - and only 2 would possibly work - now they have to relook at their finances to see if either of the 2 would work financially. Otherwise it is more looking.

Needing to make up my list for the doctor for Wednesday as I want to have in writing the numbers of my blood work - so need to make up the list so that he can fill in the blanks for me. That way in 3 - 4 months when I have blood work done again I can see just how they have changed.

Needing to find one recipe I want to try this coming week - hopefully I will decide which one tomorrow - when I do find it I will include it in my blog

3 things I am grateful for today are
(1) grateful that all went well with my Day 1 test day of going sugar / flour free
(2) grateful that we don't have snow yet
(3) grateful for the visit with daughter Gerri and son in law Greg

My Sparkpeople Streaks as of today are

Day 37 of blogging my journey

Day 42 of logging onto Sparkpeople

Day 42 of tracking all food and water

Day 42 of reading the Bible with Hubby (have reached Job chapter 20)

Part 1 of Virtual Walk Across Canada (Port Hardy to Port McNeil = 27 miles) completed

Part 2 of Virtual Walk Across Canada (Port McNeil to Campbell River = 17 miles) 14 miles completed

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