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Headache Be Gone!

Saturday, November 02, 2019

Woke up fighting the same headache so I worked hard at loosening up my shoulders and neck and that helped quite a bit. (Next massage isn't for two weeks.) I then took a caffeine pill and an ibuprofen to see if it was my goal to be rid of Dr. Pepper (again) that was catching up with me. I also got out my "Blink" eye gel and nasal saline spray as I think the fireplace is already causing the extra dryness and after going to the eye doctor about that last year I've kept this stuff on hand. Not exactly sure which one worked, but the headache left for now and that was the goal. Victory!

After some cleaning I chose to pull client budget reports and do the reviews (I got through A-J!) and watched a movie from PureFlix called "All My Sons". It was a little slow, but it still had enough of a story line going on that it kept my interest and it was based on a true story.

I was starting to catch my head from falling to the keyboard towards the end of the reviews so next up was a nap. Then I was rested enough to get supper bbq'd and spend a little bit of time on the jigsaw puzzle. Now it's watching The Voice again as Tim hasn't seen it yet and Sparking. Auggie is laying down on one side of me and the fire is crackling on the other.

Isaac had time with Patrick this morning and then spent most of the day sleeping/resting. He got sent to the school nurse yesterday from sports class as his shin was so sore he was limping. Glad he sees the doctor Tuesday morning as he may need an x-ray to rule out stress fracture. At any rate, he is grounded from running and basketball for a couple of weeks. He's been wanting an answer about what to do about basketball so this may be the deciding issue.

Maegann is once again ready to switch jobs. Not sure what's with all these managers in the food industry, but it sure doesn't sound like an industry I want to be part of if this is the norm. She's planning on giving them their two weeks notice so we'll see what happens. Thankfully she has enough funds once this next paycheck comes to cover her part of the first trip (L.A.) and then once she has another job she'll be fine to collect for the next one. She's already starting to apply at other places. Too bad that it all fell apart when she had to hurt the co-worker Griffin's heart. Lesson to learn...don't have a work romance. School went good though so that's a plus and the main focus.

Tim enjoyed being home by spending the day doing some more demo and drywall work. Today was the wall beside and behind the refrigerator so the kitchen was a mess. Now he's talking about breaking out part of the wall that divides the kitchen and living room and I think he's would definitely open up the place and offer a bit more room in the dining area.

Tomorrow is church and football. There is talk of getting everyone outside for a couple of hours to get all the leaves bagged and I will sacrifice some game time to help as it will go quick with all four of us since the wind pretty well raked the leaves into piles for us. Maegann does have to work at 6 through closing so we'll definitely need to get out there right after lunch.

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    Turnover in the fast food industry is extremely high with both workers and managers and honestly they have such a hard time keeping good employees that its extremely stressful to be managers in those types of businesses. That being said, I hope she can find a job in a different type of retail perhaps. I can see her working in a clothing store quite honestly.

    Glad you solved the headache. I'm trying to get back off caffeine again too. Thankfully I've never really developed a taste for soda again so I drink one now and again but coffee....ugh....its all the creamers and flavors I put in it that is ruining my chance to be healthy.
    81 days ago
    I love the sound of a crackling fire!
    83 days ago
    That always happens to me with the migraine, I do so many things to kick it off that at the end I don't know which one worked emoticon emoticon The important part is that the headache is gone. Whew! Men's way of enjoying life is by working! My DH has a difficult time to just relax. Happy and soothing Sunday to you and your family.
    83 days ago
    Keeping you all in my prayers
    83 days ago
    Sorry that Maegann is already wanting to move on from this job. I'm glad that she was able to get what money she needed so far though. I hope that Isaac's shin issue isn't anything serious. Enjoy your Sunday!
    83 days ago
    Often the managers in the food industry are poorly trained and some can be on a power trip ,I have heard nightmare stories. They may even be jealous that Maegann is going places while they remain in what is essentially a dead end job.
    83 days ago
  • MSHEL7
    Sounds like a nice and relaxing day, other than the demo work, that always makes a mess of things. It will be so nice when finished though. Glad your headache is better. We had to start the humidifier 2 weeks ago because I was feeling so dry and having nasal issues.
    83 days ago

    I have been thinking about Isaac's shins and I had this when I was in basic training and it's called shin splints and it's very painful and the only way for your legs to heal is to do minimal walking and no running whatsoever!!!! I do pray that it's just growing pains and nothing more.

    Well, Maegann is learning the hard way concerning her jobs and what to do and not to do at work and how she reacts to people. She's doing a fantastic job in this area too as she is maturing!!!!

    I am glad that Tim is home for a while and all is well and he's working on the home and getting some final touches done!!! That's wonderful!!!

    I did see the moving "All My Sons" and I enjoyed it. I just finished watching the movie, on Roku, called "We Are Marshall" and it is a true story too. There are a few spots where I cried during the movie and that was okay for me to let it out as it's relieving my stress still.

    Tomorrow is church for me, and it's my first day back to church since I returned home and even though I shouldn't be I am nervous about going!!! I have already set my clock back an hour!!!


    - Nancy Jean -
    83 days ago
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