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Weigh-In #28

Saturday, November 02, 2019

Weight is back up again a little bit, but I guess I'm not really surprised about this. I've been yo-yoing like this for quite a while now. But at least I didn't go up quite as high as I have been lately, which is some positive improvement. I'm thinking November will be a good month for me and hoping to start getting my weight to go down for real and actually lose this bloat that I've been carrying around. I tend to go down to 168 or 169 and then up as high as 175 and keep bouncing around in that range and have been doing so for the past month. I've been doing better with my eating lately, though, and hoping to start exercising again once I get over this pneumonia, so hopefully soon I'll be able to actually start losing weight again.

Starting Weight: 296.6
Last Weigh In: 269
Current Weight: 271.4
Weight Lost This Week: +2.4 lbs
Total Weight Lost: -25.2 lbs
still at 25 pounds lost, which I'm still happy about. I seem to be solidly at 25 pounds lost but can't seem to make it to 30. That's the thing I'm really working on now is hitting the 30 lb mark and it's my next big goal.

Starting Body Water: 37.1%
Last Body Water %: 37.8%
Current Body Water %: 37.6%
Body Water Gained: -0.2%
Total Body Water Gained: +0.5%
lost quite a bit of body water lately. I've been eating kind of a crazy amount of salt lately so I'm sure that accounts for it.

Starting Body Fat: 48.1%
Last Body Fat %: 47%
Current Body Fat %: 47.4%
Body Fat Lost: +0.4%
Total Body Fat Lost: -0.7%
gained a lot of body fat. have been eating pretty high fat lately too so that probably raised my body fat.

Starting Muscle Mass: 142.6
Last Muscle Mass: 134.4
Current Muscle Mass: 135
Muscle Mass Gained: +0.6 lbs
Total Muscle Mass Gained: -7.6 lbs
gained a little bit of muscle. can't really account for this, but usually gain a bit of muscle when I gain some weight.

so not doing the greatest right now but just have to keep moving forward and keep putting in the effort. I know I keep bouncing back and forth between the same few pounds and hopefully I can break this cycle pretty soon. It's a new month so plenty of new chances.
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