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Date Night and Thankfulness

Saturday, November 02, 2019

Date night was wonderful, and in a way still going on. I woke to a quite house, the kids at their grandparents. I'm letting DH sleep in, he deserves it, work has been hectic this last week. But, we'll have breakfast together (alone!!) and have a lazy morning together. It will be so nice, like last night. He surprised me with a suggestion of going to my favorite creole restaurant, and I had my favorite dessert (bread pudding!!), which I almost never have. I'll have to do extra workout today and tomorrow to make sure I work it off, and be extra careful with my calories for the next few days!!

We sat at the restaurant for over 2 hours, slowly eating and chatting, even though the waitress tried her best to hurry us, lol. We don't get date nights often, and we didn't want to go through evening rush hour, so we chatted and took our time. It was wonderful. I love times like these.

We are celebrating Aunt G's birthday (it's tomorrow) with a cookout and card games. I haven't played any card games in so long I have forgotten them all!!! DH says I'll learn, lol. I bought her a devotional on joy and a gratitude journal. I hope she likes them!!

I'm doing the thankfulness thing on FB (yes, I'm back on FB after my month long break) and did yesterday and today on it. Here is what I wrote:

Nov. 1st: I'm thankful for my 2nd family Mom and Dad and BIL and SIL. Thank you for being there for me and accepting me into your family. I'm fortunate to have such wonderful in-laws!!

Nov. 2nd: Thankful for a date night with my hubby. DH, I love spending time with you!! I am thankful you are my hubby!!

As far as my month long break from FB, it was very good for me. I got to realize how much mindless scrolling I did on FB, and before I did the month off, I unfollowed a lot of groups and people. Groups that introduced unwanted drama, people that I only friended because I knew them in high school or whatever, but I don't really like or also bring unwanted drama (can you tell I don't like drama? I am sure I'll get enough with my teens!!). I am hoping I can keep it to a minimum, and if I can't, I'll cut it out again. Just like desserts. If I can't control my portion, I just don't eat any (I did really good last night!).

I'm hoping I'll feel up to working out tonight when we get home! Unless I have a migraine, I'm going to at least do 10 minutes on the treadmill and my 10 minute pilates video. I've got to change my password on Youtube, because I don't remember it!! And I need to be able to log on to it in the basement in order to pull up my videos on the big screen.

I do have a question for anyone who reads this: Do you know of any good videos on progressive muscle relaxation or other ways of relaxing yourself to get to sleep? I'm doing this for ODD, she has a hard time getting to sleep, and teens need their sleep!

Thanks and have a great weekend!!

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  • LIS193
    Sounds like a wonderful night out and a lovely start to the day.

    10 days ago
    Glad you and hubby had a good date night. I am married 49 years and still look forward to our special date nights.
    10 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I think it was wonderful for you and hubby to take time to have a date night. Your children had fun with their grandparents, I am sure. I hope that you are enjoying the celebration at Aunt G's house. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    11 days ago
    Well, there is the old tried and true "start with your toes, and visualize calm..." working one's way all the way up the body until one reaches one's head. I'm pretty sure when I was a teen I would never have spent that kind of time that way; I'd have gotten out a book and read until I crashed naturally. I do think the yoga pose Viparita Karani-legs up the wall- works. It works for me-has always worked since I first read of it-and it works to relax the kiddos at Latchkey when they need some real wind-down structure-one fell asleep. The online site for Yoga Journal will have lots of resources for this; go there, or let her go there; I don't think there is anything you wouldn't want her to see, though you can go together for some quality pre-sleep time. :-)
    yoga-poses-in-bed . This page will be a start, and you can surf around the site for more. Good luck! :-)
    I am so happy your date night was so successful! :-) emoticon emoticon
    11 days ago
    emoticon I'm so glad you had a wonderful time reconnecting with your DH!
    11 days ago
  • PIZZA5152
    11 days ago
    11 days ago
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