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5% Challenge: NO RANDOM EATING

Saturday, November 02, 2019

Had a hard time remembering about the challenge this week.
RANDOM EATING...WHAT'S THAT? All my eating is random. Random eating is the only way that I eat. My life doesn't fit into a consistent schedule that I can follow every day, every week. Even the times for meals in our EDR has recently changed, which means dinner breaks on work nights will be different.

I should be getting a roommate later this week...a server is returning from another work location that our company has. She eats vegan and gluten free food. Hey I might learn to like some new food.

**********from my group**********
Living the Good Life - No Random Eating (NRE) & Portion Control/Measures

Healthy Forever Habit - No Random Eating when I _________. (You fill in the blank with the activity that you want to build a habit of not eating or drinking at.)

To help us get through the holidays let's work on a new skill - No Random Eating - Uncouple Eating & Activity. There are many activities, situations, and settings where we eat out of habit, not because it is meal time, or because we are truly hungry, or because it is medically necessary. WooHoo - time to watch TV so reach for a snack, talk on the phone so reach for a snack, drive to the store so reach for a snack, chocolates in the office yum, yum take some, attend a party, or visit with friends so I must have food and drinks. This is Random Eating - Eating Coupled with an Activity!

Be mindful of what you are doing. Each day this week plan to catch yourself doing the right thing at least once. You choose one place, activity, event, situation, setting where you usually do eat RANDOMLY. If it is NOT your mealtime, or your pre-planned healthy snack time, then do the right thing, DO NOT eat.

Keep aware of why you are eating and commit to avoiding Random Eating. Ask yourself is it mealtime, how long since I ate, how long till my next meal, can I wait a little longer? You get the idea. You do not need to eat while you are watching TV, on the internet, reading, etc. Why are you eating?

To score 10 points decide what event, common activity, place, etc. where you will not eat today. It can be a different one each day if you like. If you successfully resist eating in this situation then score 10 points. This is an all or nothing challenge. For example, you walk into the office and you see a box of chocolates and you tell yourself I will not eat those chocolates and you do not eat them. You succeed and you score points!

No Random Eating (NRE) 10 points all or nothing. Plan for one time today and get points if you accomplish it. If you are already doing this all day, you are to be commended, it will be easy for you to contribute points to your team. If you are not snacking you are NRE and get points too. A daily maximum of 10 points.

Living the Good Life

No Random Eating (NRE) 10 points all or nothing. Plan for one time today and get points if you accomplish it = 10 points. A daily maximum of 10 points.

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